Check out 4 amazing tricks to avoid tyre blowout this summer!

Drive any vehicle for a period of time, and its tyres can’t help but show wears leading to blowouts. This is even more typical in summer. One of the primary yet obvious reasons is overheating. It makes the tyres expand and thus cause increased friction, which eventually leads to a blowout.

Other factors such as driving on underinflated tyres also can increase the likelihood of a blowout. However, there are ways to beat the blowout blues and avoid such occurrences. Read on.

  1. Maintain an optimal air pressure

Under or even overinflated tyres pose substantially higher chances of blowouts, especially if the conditions of roads are less than perfect. So, a safe and effective bet is to figure out the recommended air pressure for your vehicle’s tyres and try maintaining the same.

You can get gauges for tyres in Spalding or nearby areas to keep an eye on the change of tyre pressure. Adjust the pressure as per manufacturer recommendations at common oil stations with your pressure pump, if you have one. You may also visit an estimable garage and tyre retailer in Spalding such as Matmore Motors.

  1. Rotate tyres

Getting the tyres rotated will help you to avoid uneven wear. Experts suggest rotating the tyres after every 6,000- 8,000 miles. Uneven tyre wear is one of the common reasons for blowouts in summer. Tyres suffer uneven wears as per drive train configurations and owing to the difference in weight between the front and rear axles. You may typically follow a rotation pattern of moving back wheels to the front and vice versa.

  1. Keep the weight down

Overloading your vehicles is a strict no. The more your car carries, the more will be the pressure on its tyres, hence, having higher risks of blowouts. Every tyre comes with a specific load rating which is the maximum load that it can accommodate. Weighing the vehicle beyond the load rating will increase the chances of future blowouts.

To do away with such situations, check the load rating of the tyres to get aware of the maximum carrying capacity. The number on the sidewall of the tyres states the maximum weight they can carry, provided the tyres have optimal pressure.

  1. Summer Tyres!

The expansion coefficient of the air inside summer tyres is slightly lower than most other types due to the difference in the thickness of rubber. With excellent responsiveness, lower noise emission and superior performance, these tyres are true to their name.

Repair or get new tyres

New tyres might be expensive, but they are essential for avoiding unwanted incidents (accidents too). Before buying a new set, take your car over to a professional auto garage, cum tyre retailer, to see whether your current set of tyres are beyond repair. Even if that is the case, you can get a new set of summer tyres in Spalding and drive out either way.

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