Check out the 4 DIY Hacks to Store You Vehicle’s Winter Tyres

After using a set of winter tyres all through the cold months, you need to change them when spring falls. If you want to use them next winter too, you will need to add some proper care while storing them.

It is essential that you read up on scientifically proven tyre storage methods. Improper storage can result in reduced tyre life other than making them simply unusable. So, to prolong the life and preserve the performance of your car’s tyres, here are a few exclusive tips for storage of winter tyres in Northampton and rest of the UK.

DIY hack 1: Clean ‘em before you store ‘em

First and foremost, make it a point to clean the tyres before packing them. Use automotive soap and water to efface road grime including those brake dust from the rims. After washing ‘em, dry them before putting them in storage.

By the way, deter from applying any tyre conditioner or gloss.

Pro tip: This is the best time to inspect and check if there’s any defect in your tyres. If you spot any, the best bet is to run to a professional garage like Jackson’s MOT Centre to fix the issues with winter tyres in Northampton.

DIY hack 2: Prepare a safe environment

Tyres should be stored in cool places far away from the sunlight or any kind of sources of heat, ozone (hot pipes) and electric generators. Exposure to these elements for a prolonged time may eventually exhaust the winter tyre’s oxidation, followed by weathering and finally, resulting in cracks and fissures.

So, make it a point to keep them indoors in an optimised location like a basement, a workshop or even the garage. Consider these points to give your tyres an ideal environment.

  1. House storage – You can opt for house storage in a dry, cool place free from humidity. Keep them away from items such as furnaces, boilers etc. that emits carbon monoxide.

  2. Garage storage – You may also choose your unheated garage to store winter tyres and protect them from temperature and moisture fluctuations.

However, be sure that the surface is grease-free and clean as the presence of fuel or other substances can cause degradation of rubber.

DIY hack 3: Hanging the tyres with rims

This is the most convenient option to preserve your winter tyres with rims. However, winter tyres without rims must not be on the hooks and can be stored on racks off the floor.

Pro tip: Rotate them at an interval of 4 weeks to keep in an optimised condition.

DIY hack 4: Consider airtight containers

To ensure maximum longevity, store the tyres using airtight bags or containers. Lubricating oils inside the tyre compounds are vulnerable to exposure when in continuous contact with air.

Usage of storage bags decreases the chances of cracks and hardening rubber compounds.

So, consider these points to shield your winter tyres for the next year. Not to forget, winter tyres are an investment in a way, so handle ‘em with care!

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