Check these 5 Quick Tips for Storing Your Car for the Winter

Many people in the UK do not regularly drive during the winters. Roads are veritable quagmires during this season. Road mishaps are also common, while fatalities are not unheard-of either. However, cars are not meant to be kept stagnant, especially in frigid climates. If you intend to stow away your precious vehicle for a few months, you might want to read more on how to store it better.

Low temperatures are detrimental to a car’s health. Thus, winter storage of a vehicle is a very worrisome affair, to begin with. Here are 5 tips to help you out.

  1. Ensure storage inside an indoor garage

Cars are always best stored indoors. Adequate parking space is essential. There must not be any open windows near the area where the vehicle is parked. In case you do not own a garage, try and seek out a local garage rental service. But never park your car for months on end outside an enclosed space.

  1. Clean interiors thoroughly

Before the storage process starts, clean the car’s insides thoroughly. Take a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner and use it to clean the seats. If you have leather seats, you can use a soft detergent-based cleaning fluid. Avoid abrasive chemicals. Once the seats have dried, use the vacuum again and clean the areas under the dashboard, floor pedals, and steering wheel. The car should be spic and span before storage.

For the car’s body, you can use a wax coating to prevent long-term damage to the surface.

  1. Store tyres separately

Experts recommend that you store tyres away from a car, in a separate area if possible. Be they summer tyres Coventry or winter tyres Coventry; all tyre types need special care. Keep all 4 tyres in storage together. That will ensure that tyres do not get mixed between older and newer models.

In case you still have doubts about how to take care of tyres, consider visiting a local expert like Central Point MOT in case you live in or around Coventry. If there’s any physical damage on your tyres, you should avail their puncture repair service before storing them away.

  1. Either remove or recharge the battery

It is always advisable that you remove a car’s battery before you store it. However, some car owners make it a point never to take their batteries out of the vehicle; they recharge it instead. This second method works well but only if you recharge the cell every month. You can also buy a new battery retainer which will sustain the unit.

  1. Check fluid levels

Cars generally consume a variety of fluids. They need to be conserved while it’s in storage. Top up the fuel tank. Make sure that the antifreeze and water mixture level is adequate. You must also use a proper amount of lubricating oil for the most significant moving parts inside the engine, but for that, you need expert guidance.

Ensure that you follow these tips the next time you store your car away for any significant amount of time. Otherwise, your vehicle may face penalties when you take it out again; possibly even fail its next MOT Coventry as some of its parts may malfunction if not stored properly.

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