Choose The Perfect Fit: Premium, Mid-range or Budget Tyres

With the multiple ranges of tyres available in the market, you need to decipher the type best suited to your requirements. You should evaluate the safety features of all before setting your mind on one. You can choose from premium, mid-range or even budget tyres.

1. Premium Tyres

Premium tyres in a way, assure that the vast sum of money invested in the technology and engineering give you safe and hard-wearing tyres. There have been many researchers who have tested premium brands against cheap tyres to discover that premium tyres offer improved wear, grip, and fuel efficiency. If you are a passionate and high-speed driver, these tyres are worth shelling out money for. Manufacturers of such tyres spend millions on testing their products to achieve perfection. The tyres are dealt with carefully, honed with vast experience to deliver the highest levels of performance. The level of research would also involve working on the correct formulation of the rubber compound. These tyres may prove to be a better investment for achieving a better performance in the long run.

2. Mid-Range Tyres

As the name suggests, these tyres fall in between the premium and budget tyres. They would be more durable than the budget tyres; however, may not be that high performing as the premium tyres. In case you are not a frequent driver, mid-range tyres can be a good option for you. As per your requirements, preferences, and driving conditions, these tyres can be evaluated and rendered to be suitable. They offer more in terms of fuel efficiency, technology, and wear as compared to the budget tyres. However, they are cheaper than premium tyres and can be a good alternative in case of a lower budget.

3. Budget Tyres

These tyres are most suitable for vehicles that are driven at slower speeds or for cars that offer low mileage. Budget tyres may also offer good value as compared to the other range of tyres. It is pocket-friendly and could even be a part of an unplanned purchase without putting excessive pressure on your wallet. These tyres do maintain a minimum standard, keeping in mind specific EU regulations. Budget tyres do not guarantee fuel efficiency, lesser road-noise, or even braking performance as compared to premium tyres. These tyres may require replacement more frequently, ultimately costing more. They cannot be categorised as durable tyres for the long run and may also wear out faster in comparison to the others.

Budget tyres

The EU tyre labels offer a quick and easy overview of the performance of the Tyres Lichfield through three key insights:

  • Fuel Efficiency – how the tyre impacts the fuel consumption
  • Wet Performance – how well the tyre slows down and responds to braking in wet conditions
  • Noise – the noise level of the tyre set rolling on the road

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