Choosing the Best – Top Bridgestone Tyre Models to Bring out Your Car’s Performance

When it comes to choosing a set of brand new tyres at Hoyland for your car, be it an SUV or a sedan, you would like to buy only the best. Tyres are essential when it comes to providing a safe commute, whether it is your daily drive to the office or a road trip.

However, choosing one company amongst the multitude of available options can be difficult, but then again, it is an important decision to make, especially for a resident of the UK. Strict laws and frequent weather changes are something you have to deal with every day, and your car should be well equipped with tyres that can handle such conditions.

And Bridgestone tyres fit that niche perfectly.

Bridgestone is a Japanese company operating in more than 24 countries for the last 87 years. They are famous for their economical and practical offerings, perfect for tackling every hurdle that you might face when you are driving.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most famous products coming from the stable of Bridgestone that are perfect car tyres for Hoyland.

  1. Ecopia Tyres – Ecopia series is specially designed to offer you a lower rolling-resistance, thereby increasing your car’s mileage. For that same reason, these are probably one of the most environmentally friendly car tyres that are in production today. In the UK, Ecopia EP150, and EP500 are especially famous for their excellent grip and high fuel efficiency.
  1. Blizzak Tyres – When it comes to a line of tyres that have an established reputation on the UK’s roads, nothing comes close to Bridgestone’s Blizzak line-up. They are also famous as the most used Car Tyres Hoyland, especially the LM001, and LM-80 EVO. Also, you will find other products from the Blizzak line-up like LM-32C, W810, WS80, DM-V2, W995 in prominent showrooms like Challenger Tyres & Exhausts and others.
  1. Turanza Tyres – Tailor-made for luxurious cars; the Turanza series offers great performance with extraordinary driving experience. These tyres are famous for their long service life and excellent handling characteristics in all type of situation. Especially the Turanza T005, one of the most popular Bridgestone tyres among luxury cars owners all over the UK.
  1. Potenza Tyres – If you own a sports car, you would like to fit it with something that brings out its speed and nimbleness while providing an excellent road grip throughout the time. To meet with this standard, Bridgestone’s Potenza line-up would be perfect for people who love speed and value safety and comfort at the same time.

Potenza series is famous for their breath-taking performance on both dry and wet surfaces. Their Potenza S001 and S007, along with the Adrenalin RE002 model are the most popular and trending design among performance car owners in the UK.

However, while buying performance car tyres like this, you must be aware of knock-offs and frauds that have littered the market. Always visit reputed tyre retailers like Challenger Tyres & Exhausts Hoyland to ensure you buy only the genuine products.

So, all set for buying that new set of tyres for your car? If you are looking to buy something affordable without compromising on its quality, Bridgestone will probably be your best choice. Have a safe and happy drive!

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