Choosing The Correct Size Of A Tyre

The thing that most people are looking for in their cars has always been the tyres. This is because they immediately improvise the whole look of a car.

The alloy wheel is a common example which replaces a standard tyre and gives a brand new look to a car. Along with serving good appearance of a car, there are many other advantages of an alloy wheel-


  1. It improves the overall appearance of a vehicle.
  2. Weight of a tyre is reduced dramatically which otherwise would have been heavier.
  3. Alloy wheels are very light and therefore, ride and handling are improved with it.
  4. Since the weight is reduced too much, the fuel efficiency increases in them.
  5. Braking and acceleration are better performed.
  6. Alloy wheels increase agility as well.
  7. Alloy wheels increase the fuel capacity of a vehicle.
  8. The alloy wheel is not vulnerable to corrosion and rusting.

Is It Important To Get The Right-Sized Tyre? How To Do It?

Along with improving the look of a Tyres Thame, getting a perfect size is also very important because when the size is wrong, the vehicle faces a certain handling problem and the performance gets impacted.

The manufacturer usually offers a standard size and wheel rim on a car. The wheel of a car and tyre size is chosen to balance fuel efficiency, dynamics, ride and handling. So it is essential to choose the size that fits a car perfectly.

To choose the size, the diameter of the size plays an important role. To calculate that, the diameter of the wheel is added to the sidewall size. It must be noted that the size of the tyre cannot be increased by more than 3 percent of the original diameter. More than three per cent is not recommended as the fuel efficiency may get impacted majorly and the handling abilities may get damaged which would subsequently reduce the performance.

Nowadays people prefer to upsize the size of a tyre. Upsizing a car’s tyre helps to give a better grip than a standard size of a tyre which means it avoids any skid and gives a smooth driving. Wide tyres also improve the ability to corner even at high speed as they tend to have much more slim sidewalls.

Post Getting The Perfect Tyre-

After getting the perfect wheel from Wheatley, it is necessary to check whether it fits rightly or not. To check, turn the steering from lock to lock in both directions. It is important to check that on lock, are the wheels touching inside of the wheel? And if the space between tyre and wheel is well enough to absorb potholes or bumps. For this, one can go on a drive to an uneven road to test if the tyre can maintain good quality or not.

Things which can improvise a car’s appearance is adapting and enhancing bigger wheels. Wide tyres also help to give a bigger surface area to distribute the car’s weight on the ground which gives better grip and traction ability. This also gives better driving comfort and stability.

However, some wide tyres have issues as well. There are wide tyres which have more traction that might reduce the speed of a vehicle. In such a case, an increase in weight and traction might affect acceleration which would directly affect the fuel capacity of a car. Read more about Tyres Arncott

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