Cleaner, Greener, and Ready for the Future – Michelin Tyres for Electric Cars

This generation of car owners is a lot more conscious about what choices they make. With the impending doom of global warming looming at the horizon, more and more people are looking forward to buying an electric vehicle rather than a traditional fossil fuel powered car. Now, whether you think they will ruin the pleasure of driving or think they are the way to go is up to you, but the fact is that major car companies and their accessory manufacturers are gearing up to create the perfect EV and its parts.

Michelin is one such company that is planning to stay ahead in the race. One of the largest tyre manufacturers today, Michelin has embarked on a journey to make the first tailor-made tyre for electric vehicles; the Michelin Energy E-V.

The Journey Of An Electric Vehicle

Although science fiction movies make electric cars look futuristic, they are not new. The first EV came in 1832. It ran on a non-rechargeable battery and was not at all optimized for use in the streets.

However, its potential was soon recognised. The search for that perfect electric car grew along with the advancement in the battery, processor, and conductor development.

The Different Requirements

Almost every type of car uses a different kind of tyre. It is due to their difference in configuration, engine output and purpose. Most modern EVs are passenger cars. However, the tyres they use are a world apart.

One of the key limiting factors while creating something for an electric vehicle is to take care of the rolling resistance. This resistance, or friction caused by the tyre against the road surface, decreases fuel efficiency. While making the Energy E-V, Michelin brought the rolling resistance to a minimum. That helps your EV to run for a much longer distance on a single charge.

Also, electric cars have completely different power output. If you have noticed any of these in your neighbourhood, you must have seen how zippy they are. Its car tyres in Nottingham, or anywhere in the world, needs to handle that added stress.

Maintaining that balance between strength and low friction was the hurdle tyre manufacturers faced. With Michelin’s Energy E-V that perfect combination has been achieved.

A Brand New Generation

Michelin’s Energy E-V is considered one of the most excellent EV tyres that are out there. They have achieved almost 20% less rolling resistance. That is good enough to earn a solid ‘A’ in the EU tyre label regarding fuel efficiency.

They are also rated ‘A’ when it comes to wet braking. The Energy E-V has large directional sipes and treads. That, along with a multi-polymer and flexible tread compound gives it excellent road grip in all condition.

When it comes to noise generation, these are rated at only 70dB. Michelin’s engineers removed the lateral blocks to reduce its running sound. Its light weight also helps reduce its signature tone.

The Future is Ready

The best part about this tyre is that it is already available in the market. Say you are looking for a brand new set of tyres for your electric car; all you have to do is to take a look at the extensive range of Your Tyres & Auto Care tyres and pick them for your vehicle. You will feel the Michelin advantage right away.

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