Comparing the Three Types of Tyres

When it comes to the winter, summer, or all-season tyres, making a final decision is never easy when you will buy new tyres.

The problems increase when you are not familiar with these tyres’ features and are not sure about your expectations.

Winter tyres and summer tyres are easy to select since they are specialists of the related season but buying All Season Tyres Alton is confusing because of the mixed design and features.

Therefore, it is necessary to compare all these categories to help you to make a final decision.

Winter tyres: appearance

Winter tyres deeper grooves if you compare these tyres with all-season tyres. Winter tyres have more sipes to gain the ability to provide proper traction on snowy roads. Sipes are used to packing the snow effectively as well.

Winter tyres are available with a flexible rubber compound. The level of flexibility in the winter tyres is highest among the three tyre types.

This flexibility allows the tyres to hope the snowy roads virtually.


Winter Tyres: Performance

Winter tyres have a softer compound. Therefore, they are perfectly able to provide excellent grip in severe winter conditions. They are going to remain softer even when the temperature is at the freezing point.

Sharp, biting edges of winter tyres increase the potential to hold the road along with the capability to flesh out excessive snow and water.

All-Season Tyres: Appearance

The tread pattern in these tyres is not shallow like summer tyres and not deep like winter tyres.

It is slightly more challenging if we talk about the rubber compound, making the tyres more durable among the three tyre types. However, the compound is not harder than summer tyres since they are available with combined features.

All-season tyres come with two significant markings: M+S (mud and snow) and the alpine symbol.

All Season Tyres: Performance

All-season tyres have to perform on mild snow as well besides dry surfaces. Therefore, maintaining a proper grip like summer tyres is not possible for these tyres.

You must note that you should not use all-season tyres in extreme winter conditions because these tyres not available as experts of the winter season. However, they can handle mild snow effectively.

Summer Tyres: Appearance

Summer tyres are available with decreased grooves, shallow tread depth, and solid ribs. With this design, the summer tyres show optimum stability and endurance during baking hot season.

Summer Tyres: Performance

Summer tyres come with excellent grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Summer tyres have remarkable ability when it comes to cornering and braking features.

Summer tyres offer smooth driving and the higher level of comfort for drivers, and the low level of noise on the roads.

How to Make an Ideal Choice?

Now you have read about the features of all the three categories. So, it should not be tough for you to buy perfect tyres for yourself.

Mainly the final decision depends on your objectives.

If you live in an area where heavy snowfall is a normal phenomenon, you need specialized winter tyres. Moreover, all-season tyres can serve your needs if you live in a place with moderate weather conditions. Furthermore, summer tyres will be ideal for you if you live in a hot area where the temperature does not go below 7DegreesC in the winter season.

Therefore, looking at your expectations and goals, you can buy new tyres Alton as per your requirements.

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