Continental Summer Tyres: Is It Okay to Use Them in UK Winters?

As we all know, most tyre manufacturing companies, such as Continental, have summer, winter and all-season tyres as a part of their collections. Each of these has very distinct features that are suitable for specific seasons.

However, for many people, affordability becomes a problem when it comes to swapping tyres twice a year. That is why they make do with the summer or all-season tyres even during winters.

But how effective are they? Let’s find out!

Standard features and fixtures in summer tyres:

One of the constants of summers in the UK is rainfall. Thus, it only makes sense for Continental summer tyres to have features that can adapt well on both dry and wet roads. Here are some of the features that most summer tyres in Loughborough and other places possess-

  • These tyres have treads that help to establish a good grip on wet roads. Since rainfall increases the risk of aquaplaning, summer tyres come with unique grooves that help to dispel water and make the cars safer driving.
  • Summer tyres usually have shallower treads than winter ones. Some summer ones might even appear bald at one glance because of their low tread depth. This factor might also pose as a disadvantage if there is heavy rainfall and the water levels rise above average.
  • Summer tyres have more surface contact than other tyres which aid in better handling and steering on roads.
  • They have an excellent braking ability which contributes to the overall safety of the passengers in the car.

Are summer tyres useful in UK winters?

Most places in the UK have mild winters. So one might argue that it is not required to switch their tyres when winter arrives. However, driving with summer tyres during winter has certain disadvantages. For instance:

  • Tyre pressure tends to drop with decreasing temperature. So even if the temperature does not reach freezing point, you’ll have to monitor the pressure continually.
  • There is a disparity in braking distances for tyres during summer and winter. Summer tyres are made to perform their best on wet and dry roads, but their braking distance increases on icy roads.
  • The rubber in summer tyres becomes stiff when the temperature drops. So there is a possibility of your tyres becoming hard and unyielding during winters.

Thus, even though one can use summer car tyres in Loughborough during winters, it is not ideal to do so. Even though they might seem to be doing the job, there is always a compromise of the safety of car passengers while using summer tyres during winters.

Some of the best affordable summer and winter tyres you can avail:            

Contrary to popular belief, changing out tyres does not necessarily have to be an expensive affair. There are several options available in both summer and winter categories that can help to ensure a safe ride while being easy on your pockets.

Loughborough Refurbs in Loughborough are some of the most affordable summer and winter tyres. Apart from SportContact and ContiSportContact from Continental, you will also find the NFera series from Nexen, SportMaxx series from Dunlop, etc.

With these tyres, you can have a combination of safety and affordability all year round.

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