Dangers of Driving With Misaligned Wheels and How to Avoid Them

Misaligned wheels are a critical issue in most cars in the UK. It is a major malfunction, which can lead to severe consequences if not treated beforehand. Most drivers in the UK drive on misaligned wheels utterly ignorant of the potential hazard it poses. These hazards are enough of a reason why experts recommend motorists to get their car’s wheel alignment routinely checked.

The first signs of misalignment are will not topple your car or blow out your tyres; however, if they go unnoticed, the damages could be significant. This is why you must take your vehicle for a wheel alignment check at a local professional garage like Tyreman Merthyr every 6 months.

What’s wheel alignment?

Simply put, wheel alignment is correcting the overall position and direction of your car’s wheels. It is to ensure that all the wheels are at the correct angles as specified by the manufacturer.

What if the wheels are not properly aligned?

Improper wheel alignment plagues over 70% of the cars in Britain. Although there is no concrete data available to back these stats up, improper wheel alignment is the underyling issue with numerous traffic accidents that happen every year.

There are numerous threats regarding wheel misalignment. For instance –

  • Your vehicle will pull to one side or another, even if you’re trying to drive straight. Imagine the frustration and risk!

  • Misaligned wheels cause unnecessary vibrations on the steering wheel.

  • You’d experience a bumpy ride from uneven tyre wear. Misaligned wheels result in unevenly worn-out tyres, thereby creating an uncomfortable driving experience.

  • Driving with misaligned wheels adversely affects your car’s suspension.

  • It also reduces fuel efficiency.

The list goes on.

Thus, automobile experts warn that wheel misalignment poses significant issues than just being a simple nuisance. Therefore, you must drive by to a locally licensed workshop that corrects wheel alignment in Merthyr Tydfil.

By now, you must be wondering how to avoid these mishaps. Let’s dive into that without any delay.

How to prevent wheel alignment issues?

You can sign-up for routine wheel alignment checks from any licensed garage. The technicians at reputed garages will use specialised equipment to check your vehicle’s wheels as per the manufacturer’s specifications and re-align them accordingly.

Getting your vehicle’s alignment checked will ensure your safety and considerably improve the driving experience. Also, remember to check the car’s suspension and tyres’ condition along with an alignment servicing.

A vehicle’s shocks and tyres take the worst hit from misaligned wheels. Thus, consult with a professional regarding tyre change and whether the suspension requires any repair.

Summing it up…

Wheel misalignment is much more than just an annoyance making driving agonising and frustrating. It is a severe safety hazard as well.

If your vehicle is out of alignment, it’s unpredictable in traffic. You could collide out of line or even worse; your tyres might blow out from uneven wear and tear.

So, keep your wheels aligned. Take your car to a local garage for a wheel alignment in Merthyr Tydfil and ensure your road safety.

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