Demystifying the Major Components Checked As Part of Interim Car Service

Are You Giving That Much-Needed Attention To Your Vehicle?

Being a responsible car owner, it is your duty to get your car serviced at regular intervals to make sure it is performing the way it should. When your car is new, you can give service sessions as per your car’s warranty and maintenance handbook. Following your manufacturer’s car servicing schedules will help you in keeping your car in warranty. Many car owners enrol in various car servicing plans to save money. Well, that’s a good practice to keep your vehicle in its best shape and enhance its resale value if you decide to sell it in the future. For those who have not opted for ready-made service packages, it’s quite mystifying to choose the correct service type for their vehicle. Also, they might not be familiar with the automotive jargon, used by the mechanics when they take their vehicles to any service centre.

It Is Not That Tricky To Identify Which Service Your Car Should Undergo

Your car’s age and the number of miles it has clocked up are the two major deciding factors that help you in choosing between interim car service and full car service. If your old car has completed its journey of 12 months’ or 6,000 miles, you can go for a full or major service, on the other hand, if your car has run around 6,000 miles or completed its 6 months, an interim service would be the correct choice.

Get Prepared For What’s In Store

Well, the best person to tell you about the inspections your car will undergo is your service professional. Talk to him/her to get a fair idea on all the checks they will be conducted under the interim service type. Your mechanic will also be able to tell that for how much time he/she will be working on your vehicle, so you can accordingly arrange another means of transport. Usually, an interim service takes one and a half hour in case any part doesn’t require specific attention or extra work. As far as service part is concerned, almost every service centre checks and tops up or changes all the vital fluids such as anti-freeze coolant, brake fluid, gearbox oil, axle oil, and screen wash apart from the engine inspections. Interim service also checks the condition of air plugs, air filter, battery, all sort of lights, as well as the tyres, including the spare one. For more detailed information, below is a list of components that are checked (besides the aforesaid items) in an interim service:

  • Timing belt interval

  • Auxiliary and fan belts

  • All seatbelts

  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

  • Dashboard lights

  • Windscreen wipers (front and rear, both) section

  • All mirrors (side & rear view)

  • Fuel cap damages

  • Steering and suspension issues

  • Exhaust system and exhaust emissions

  • Fuel lines, brake pipes and hoses

  • Cylinders/callipers leak checks

  • Air conditioning system (if necessary)

  • Power steering operations

  • Clutch

  • Handbrake functions

  • Corrosion inspection

  • Bodywork

Trade Price Tyres (Vehicle Servicing Newport) Looks After Your Car

Interim vehicle service is mainly for the vehicles that are run on small trips. It is far cheaper to go for service plans than individual services. After enrolling into a good service plan you can sit back for 2-3 years as far as vehicle maintenance and roadside assistance are concerned (optional). Call Trade Price Tyres, if you want to give your vehicle in the best hands. Any kind of Vehicle Servicing Newport is a piece of cake for our experienced and highly competent service professionals.

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