Didn’t Schedule a Wheel Balancing for Your Vehicle? Here’s Why You Must

As a car owner, it is essential to pay attention to vehicle maintenance and aspects like wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre safety. Correct wheel balance is vital to your drive quality. Driving your car with improper wheel balance can cause premature wear on tyres and make them ineffective and unsafe. Correctly balanced wheels are indispensable to smooth, comfortable and safe drive. That’s not all!

If you drive your vehicle with unbalanced wheels, it will affect the ride and cause damage to the suspension system in the long run.

Under these circumstances, maintaining your tyres balanced is not something to be taken lightly. Being an essential aspect of your vehicle, you would need to keep your tyres in Shirley in their proper balanced condition. To check if your car wheels are properly balanced or not, take your car to a dependable garage like Midlands Performance Tyres and avail professional help from them. Before that, you have to detect the reasons behind wheel imbalance first. Read on to learn more!

What are the reasons behind wheel imbalance?

Wheel balance refers to the even distribution of weight across the wheel assembly. When you drive with an imbalanced wheel, it bounces and drifts unnecessarily. Several factors contribute to wheel imbalance, such as –

  • Proper wheel balance is closely connected with your vehicle’s suspension system. If the suspension gets damaged for some reason, your wheels could become unbalanced. Sagging spring of the suspension system can cause balance problems for your vehicle’s wheels. Also, worn parts like socket and joints can contribute to this issue.
  • Regular impact of the road may also lead you wheel imbalance. The problem is accelerated if the road conditions are substandard and you hit potholes and curbs frequently.
  • If your car tyres in Shirley and wheels are fitted inaccurately, then it will create balance issues. It essential that you avail professional tyre-fitting service every time you purchase a new tyre.
  • Also, imperfect production of car tyres and wheels and in-arrangement of your car tyres in Shirley can affect wheel balance.

Why is wheel balancing essential?

Like any other part of your car, tyres in Shirley also perform better for a more extended period when you maintain them properly. It is dangerous to drive when your car wheels are imbalanced. Find out the consequences of driving with unbalanced wheels.

  • Unbalanced wheels result in premature and uneven tyre wear and also affect suspension components.
  • Your car’s fuel consumption will rapidly increase.
  • Your car’s steering wheel will wobble, and your vehicle will start vibrating at high speeds.
  • Excessive vibration will eventually damage other parts of your car, primarily the suspension and battery.
  • Your car’s steering components may also suffer extensive damage due to unbalanced wheels.
  • Wheels that are not balanced generally cause excessive vibrations that can be uncomfortable for a driver.

Proper balance of your car tyres in Shirley will ensure a smoother ride and more enjoyable driving experience. So, stay clear of any wheel balancing issues with regular maintenance and servicing of your vehicle in Solihull.

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