Different Kinds Of Car Service For Your Vehicle

The importance of a car is extremely visible in all our endeavors. We use a vehicle for multiple purposes in our daily lives. We need a vehicle to make our journeys from one place to another. When one has a vehicle, they do not have to think twice before setting off. In comparison to using public transport, one needs to limit themselves to certain limits and rules. Timings, seating, comfort and much more suffer a compromise when public transport is in the picture. Therefore, it is natural for one to prefer the usage of their personal vehicle over that of public transport.

The importance that comes with a personal vehicle should apply to its care as well. If a vehicle does not receive adequate care in terms of maintenance and services, the signs of damage become more recurring. A responsible driver must ensure that their vehicle is delivering adequate performance thanks to good maintenance.

The most common kind of car maintenance is a car service. A Car Service Nottingham is a routine service that checks, inspects and ensures that all parts of your vehicle are working in perfect unison. When one subscribes their vehicle to routine service, performance and efficiency become the hallmark of that very vehicle. Taking your vehicle for regular car service can also save your car from possible damages that may later incur into the future. The mechanic can look into the vehicle and ensure that there are no possible damages that can happen in the future.

A car service can also be confused with an MOT Service. However, an MOT Service is a mandatory test that your vehicle must clear in order to drive on the road. There are mainly three kinds of car services that are prevalent everywhere. They are as follows:


If your vehicle drives a little over 20,000 miles, it will classify as a vehicle that delivers extra mileage. Not all vehicles perform the same way because not all people require the same things from their people. So, if your vehicle is on the road for the better part of the year, this service is extremely necessary. A car that travels for more than 20,000 miles should get not one but two services in a year.

This service is a routine service after every six months. The importance of this service is huge because with more use, the chances of damage, wear and tear increase exponentially. There are multiple checks and inspection points in this kind of service.

This service includes an oil change, the oil filter change and much more. The crucial components of the car, such as the engine, tyre, brakes, are given an inspection.

Moreover, the lubrication of all parts that move is also done in this kind of service. The fluids of the vehicle get an inspection, and if there are any fluid leaks, the repair is done promptly.


A full car service is necessary for vehicles that travel for 12,000 miles or more. A vehicle that delivers low mileage requires just one service in a year, which happens to be a full car service. A full Car Service Nottingham is necessary for the vehicle as it gives the mechanic the chance to look at all the crucial components of the car. After every twelve months, full service for the vehicle is necessary.

There are multiple changes present in this kind of car service. Some of them are the changing of the air filter. If the vehicle runs on diesel, the fuel filter gets a chance. If the vehicle runs on petrol, the spark plugs get a change as well. The brakes are extremely important for efficiency and safety. Therefore, they also receive a thorough inspection.

The car’s electrical components, such as the battery and alternator, get an inspection as well. Finally, the radiator and coolant get an inspection as well.


Lastly, a major car service is necessary if your vehicle has last received a full car service. This service is necessary for all vehicles after 24 months of their last full service. Alternatively, if your vehicle covers 24,000 miles, it should receive this service.

Major car service also encompasses all the comprehensive checks present in the full car service. Additionally, two more checks and replacements are present in this kind of car service. The brake fluid and cabin filter of the vehicle can contaminate over time and are, therefore, changed in this service.