Different Parts of A Tyre

The tyre may seem like a simple car component, but it is very complex. You may think that it is just a piece of rubber, but it is made up of different parts that help to ensure your safety and comfort on the road. Read on to know more about different parts of a tyre.

Below Are The Different Tyre Components:


The tread is the part of the tyre that acts as a contact medium between the road surface and the car. It has several blocks that are separated from each other by voids. These blocks help in providing grip and stability to your car. Moreover, they reduce the rolling resistance to limit carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Tyre Grooves:

Grooves help the car in moving safely in all climatic conditions. Grooves are a part of the tread that helps in dispersing the water and prevent hydroplaning.


The small cuts present of the treads of a tyre that help in providing better gripping.


Beads are the part of the tyre that comes in contact with the wheel. These are made up of copper and brass. Beads make sure that the air pressure does not escape from inside the tyre.

Bead reinforcement, bead apex, and bead core are the three parts of bead.


The region from bead to tread that forms the outer wall of the tyre. It acts as a protective covering for the inner body of the tyre and contains information about the tyre as well. This data incorporates the tyre size and speed rating.

Also, the sidewall has anti-ageing chemicals that protect the tyre from effects of Ultraviolet rays, ozone and other environmental factors.

Inner liner:

The inner liner is the part of the tyre that helps in holding the air pressure inside the tyre. These are rubber sheets that can seal the air pressure.


These are sheets of wire that are attached to the tyre surface.


Plies are fabric layers that form the structure of a tyre. These layers are coated in rubber and then placed above the inner liner. This helps in adding strength to your tyre structure.

How Are The Tyres Made?

Tyres Brentcross are made up of more than two hundred different materials that are combined. It all begins in a Banbury mixer, where all the raw materials are blended after which a gummy compound is produced. This compound is left to dry and then are cut into strips which makes the skeleton of the tyre.

Once done, a tyre building machine is used to know whether the tyre parts are arranged at the correct position or not. The unfinished tyre is then put into the curing mode. This mode deals with all the tyre markings and the tread pattern. Finally, all the components are compressed to give the tyre a final shape.

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