Different Types of Car Services and Firestone Tyres Available in the Market

Service Offerings

Before we get into the USP of car servicing in London – here’s a quick rundown of the automotive services the garages offer. They have various service teams and bays, allowing them to operate on multiple vehicles at the same time.

Engine diagnostics

We were one of the first garages in London and the Greater London Metropolitan area to provide full engine diagnostics. Before establishing ourselves as London’s go-to provider for low-cost tyres, we made certain that our technological frontier was exceptional.

Brake and exhaust repairs

Both of these intricate mechanical systems have flaws. Repairs are frequently insufficient, necessitating replacement. UK Tyres keeps OE-grade aftermarket components in stock for your convenience.

Wheel balancing and alignment

This is something we’re good at. We employ the most recent balancing equipment and aligners to save you time.

AC repair

Several issues could impede the performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. We’ll double-check everything to ensure there are no issues.

Locking nut wheel removal

We can simply remove the lug nuts using our cutting-edge technology without damaging the rims or automobile tyres in London that you may have acquired from us.

Tyre Variants

In London, we are a well-known tyre retailer. Here are some of the tyres that we have:

4×4 tyres

These are powerful and long-lasting SUV-specific gadgets. With each passing month, their notoriety grows.

City Car tyres

Our product line is well-known for offering a diverse range of commercial vehicle-friendly alternatives. These London tyres can also be purchased on the internet.

Motorhome and trailer tyres

We provide some of the greatest tyres on the market, which are appropriate for such large vehicles. Our reputation as a Continental, Dunlop, Nexen, Pirelli, Michelin, Hankook, and Bridgestone authorised reseller precedes us, which is why we have customers from all over the United States!

Passenger car tyres

We keep track of our inventory all year because it is our most significant asset.

Tyres (UHP) tyres

A “run-flat” tyre is intended to be utilised on a flat surface.

Brent tyres are available for every season, purpose, and budget on our website and in our store.

Remember that when you purchase tyres from us in London, you will also receive casings.

About Firestone Tyres London

The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company were started in 1900 to provide the highest quality and service possible. Firestone began by producing tyres for buggies and waggons before moving on to automotive tyres. In 1909, they are credited with designing the non-skid tread pattern that is still in use today. Bridgestone Corporation currently owns Firestone.

Firehawk SZ90 – The Firehawk SZ90 was created with dynamic drivers in mind, and it excels in sports. This tyre delivers great handling and steering control even when cornering due to its consistent all-surface grip. The Firehawk SZ90 is also designed to perform well in damp conditions, with predictable and consistent performance. 

Multihawk 2 – The Multihawk 2 is an excellent summer tyre that provides good all-around performance as well as a comfortable ride. This tyre was designed to increase road safety by reducing braking distances in both wet and dry situations. The Multihawk 2 is quiet and comfortable to drive because of its unique tread design, and its modest, appealing appearance is pleasing to the eye. 

Firehawk TZ300 – The TZ300 is built for all-day comfort and performance, giving you a smooth and steady ride no matter what the weather throws at you. This tyre is made to provide good handling and high levels of safety on the road. The structural strength of a tyre increases its durability, ensuring constant performance and longer tyre life. This tyre also has a sleek, modern look about it that is attractive to the eye. 

Winter Car Tyres Winterhawk – The Winterhawk is made of a special silica compound that provides superior traction for safe winter driving. The tread on the Winterhawk is designed to withstand mud and ice while also boosting traction in winter situations. 

Vanhawk – The Vanhawk is designed to deliver consistent high performance for safe and dependable driving. This Cheap Tyres London is engineered to provide high mileage, long tyre life, and durability. The Vanhawk also has more traction, which improves driving grip and comfort.