Different Types Of Car Tyres And Ways To Maintain Them

People increasingly like being 100 per cent certain before buying a car, therefore some of them go to great lengths to explore and discover everything they could about the car they want. However, not everyone considers the tyres, which play a significant role in the final selection.

On the market, there are several kinds of tyres. These tyres meet the driver’s ever-changing driving needs as well as the driving conditions.

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Standard Tyres-

All automobile manufacturers now provide their vehicles with standard tyres. Tube or tubeless tyres are possible options. Harder composition rubbers in standard tyres extend the life of the tyre.

The standard tyres reduce the car’s handle and turning capacity, but the difference isn’t obvious at city speeds. These tyres’ treads boost traction while decreasing road noise and allowing for sufficient water dispersal on rainy roads. This kind of tyres might be utilised in any season, including dry, wet, chilly, and hot conditions.

Summer/Performance tyres-

Soft compound rubber is used in summer tyres. These tyres provide maximum traction at high speeds in dry weather. Most sports cars have these tyres because they improve performance, handling, and cornering capability.

Nevertheless, due to their light compositions, these tyres run the danger of wearing out sooner. They also don’t operate effectively in the rain since water disperses more slowly from beneath the tyres. These tyres are slicks since they have no tread on the contact surface.

Snow/Winter tyres-

Winter tyres feature a greater contact patch and more distinct tread patterns than summer tyres. As a result, these tyres provide excellent traction in snow and dirt. These tyres usually have microscopic metal studs in the treads and can’t be utilised on standard road surfaces.

These types of tyres are necessary for driving on snowy terrains because they provide the best grip when cornering, accelerating, and braking.

Off-road tyres / all-terrain tyres-

Off-road tyres are typically found on off-road vehicles such as SUVs. These types of tyres have a rubber compound that is neither soft nor firm, but somewhere in the middle. These tyres have a large amount of tread and can provide excellent traction in sand and damp mud. These tyres have robust sidewalls that allow them to adjust to uneven ground and potholes.

They have the disadvantage of kicking up a fuss and wearing out rapidly while driving on typical roads. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on them when driving.

Run-flat tyres-

When a tyre puncture, a run-flat tyre survives the effects of deflation. It lets you drive the car for a short distance despite a puncture. This means that following a puncture, they are meant to keep the car running for around 75–80 kilometres.

Originally, run-flat tyres were ideal for high-ranking officials, such as heads of state. The intention is to keep their tyres going even when they were shot at and struck by bullets.

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Steps to maintain the tyre life-

Checking your air pressure

The safety measures are called into doubt when tyres have incorrect air pressure. Incorrect or under-inflation of tyres might result in loss of balance and inability to use brakes. The damp environment only adds to the gravity of the situation, especially while it’s raining outside! Checking the air pressure is perhaps more important than any other parameter.

In terms of load capacity

The most ridiculous suggestion we came across was over-loading the tyres with much more load than they can handle. When the pressure applied exceeds the load capacity of the tyres, excessive heat is generated, which can lead to tyre failure.

High speeds also cause damage to the tyres

Increased speed increases the risk of tyre damage owing to heat or dangerous substances on the road. High speed can sometimes produce a sudden tyre explosion, which is exceedingly dangerous. The best approach is to keep the vehicle’s speed constant in a way to sustain it under control.

When possible, have your tyres examined by specialists, as this is the key to avoiding any catastrophes. Also, all you really need under one roof is a reputable organisation to provide the greatest possible care for your automobile tyres. You should also look for the place that sells the best tyres from all the best brands in the market.

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