Do you like off-roading? Here’s what you should know about it


If you’re the one who loves daring and adventurous rides, then, this blog is specially meant for you. It’s often said that your vehicle defines your personality. So, if you are a proud owner of an SUV, you’d probably like to traverse the hilly terrain, the untrod-den paths, and the rugged routes withstanding the challenge thrown at you by nature while beholding its enchanting beauty.

That’s what off-roading is all about. It’s taking your vehicle on unpaved grounds like fields, sand dunes, riverbeds, mountainsides and beaches for the thrill of it. But before you begin off-roading, there are certain tips that you must follow, so that this turns out to be a marvelous experience for you and not a nightmarish one.

Getting prepared for off-roading

Since off-roading is nowhere close to driving on smooth normal roads, you need to be prepared in advance for it. You must have the proper equipment with you in your automotive before you begin your journey. SUV’S or trucks are best suited for this kind of drive since their tyres Longton can bear the abrasiveness of those territories. Always have a spare tyre with you of the same size as other tyres and do keep the tyre changing equipment handy, in case you need to do it.

Vehicle for off-roading

The kind of vehicle and the tyres you use for off-roading will depend on the type of off-roading you’d like to venture for. Here are some of the things related to your vehicle that you need to remember for off-roading –

  • Inspect your vehicle thoroughly. This means you need to know everything about your vehicle. Go under the vehicle and examine it. You need to know about the parts which are sticking out in the vehicle so that you don’t break them while driving.
  • The ground pressure of your vehicle must be quite low so that it doesn’t sink into the ground.
  • Traction is another important thing that you need to take care of in such conditions. You’d achieve this by having large or additional tyres with flexibility in the suspension.

Having talked about the vehicle, now let’s move on to the tyres Shrewsbury, which are the backbone of any vehicle and can turn out to be your saviour under any given circumstance.

Tyres for off-roading

You just can’t ignore them. They are the most essential part of your car and when it comes to off-roading you need to be all the more careful about them. Some of the characteristics of such tyres are –

  • These are mainly radial tyres
  • Such tyres have a thick, deep tread to provide better traction on surfaces with sand, gravel or loose dirt. That’s because, on such uneven surfaces, the edges of these tyres dig deep into the ground to give more traction.
  • These tyres are designed in such a way, that they provide maximum grip on loose surfaces, whereas, on smooth paved surfaces, they work just the opposite.
  • At times, these tyres are designed with low inflation pressure for a better grip on difficult terrains.

Types of tyres for off-roading

  • Highway tyres 

The symmetrical blocks of these tyres make the ride smoother for the driver, better control of the vehicle and mete out a good steering response. They’re tough tyres specifically built for SUV’s to provide excellent grip on wet roads. You can even drive them on rougher terrains.

  • All-terrain tyres 

?Again SUV tyres, that are meant for improved braking and handling on the road as their block pattern is relatively large. The voids are wide for better grip on the roads. They can work both on smooth highways and unpaved surfaces. The excellent steering control and the enhanced off-road traction is just commendable from their side.

  • High-performance tyres

They are mounted on SUV’s and these are specifically meant to control vehicles at high speed. They provide excellent safety while giving a good braking performance.

Off-roading is a sport for some and you can enjoy it to the hilt only if you follow the above tips related to the tyres and vehicle both. So, go ahead and enjoy your drive.

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