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There are thousands of parts that work in tandem to make your car run. Out of these thousands, tyres along with the suspension is what keeps the car on the road. Without it, the car would be just another piece of machinery which we use, not the beauty we love. Keeping the tyres and the suspension in perfect condition is, therefore, very important in ensuring the viability of your vehicle.

Regular upkeep and maintenance of the tyres and the suspension should not be tedious or time consuming for you. This is what Wheel Alignment Willenhall takes care of for you.

Knowing the nitty-gritty of the tyres and the suspension, what damages them, and what can be done to prevent that damage will go a long way in helping you maintain them. A misaligned wheel, an out of balance tyre, and an uneven tread on the tyres are things that can cost a lot of money, if ignored.

So let us get to know what Wheel balancing, alignment and rotation are.

Wheel Alignment

Simply put, wheel alignment means that all four wheels of the car are aligned perfectly with each other, making the car’s handling impeccable. Technically, it is the act of geometrically aligning the castor, camber, and toe of the car. Wheel alignment is not necessarily a very time-consuming operation. The car is driven on to a platform where transmitters are attached to all four wheels. The transmitters send signals to the computer, which gives you an accurate reading of the alignment of the car’s wheels.

How Often Should It be Checked?

With time and use, the alignment of car wheels might be disrupted, which in the long run can cause considerable damage to the car’s handling and suspension. So, whenever you take your car for its regular maintenance schedule, make sure to get the alignment of the wheels checked as well. It doesn’t cost much, but saves a lot of money in the long run.

Wheel Balancing

The wheel is comprised of two parts, the rim and the tyre. Both of them need to be in perfect tandem to be able to perform their desired function of giving you a smooth and comfortable ride. This perfect tandem from time to time is lost due to the imbalance in the weight of the wheel and the rim. Even a small difference in the weight distribution of the tyre around the rim can be the cause for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Rectifying this problem is not difficult or expensive; a simple visit to the local garage or the wheel balancing check is all that it will take.

How It is Done

At the garage, the wheel will have to be individually removed from the car and placed on a computerised rotation machine. This machine mimics the wheel’s performance on high and average speeds to check for any imbalance in the weight distribution. Any problems detected will be rectified by adding small counterweights to balance the tyre.

When Should It be Done?

There is no specific time frame for getting the wheel balancing of your car checked. However, periodically getting it checked will help your car maintain a comfortable and smooth ride.


The road surface we drive on is never even; driving on these uneven surfaces causes uneven wear on the tyres. Another factor causing uneven wear is the difference in function of the front and the rear tyres. In FWD car the front tyres have to handle the dual job of handling and pulling the vehicle; as such, they wear out quicker. Similarly, in an RWD car the rear tyres perform the task of keeping the rear of the car, which is relatively lighter in check. This also puts stress on them and may cause uneven wear of the tyres. To ensure that all four tyres of a car wear out evenly, tyre rotation is performed.

Tyre rotation is the simple act of interchanging the tyres of a car. This interchange depends on the car engine’s position in the body, its drive train model ( FWD, RWD, AWD), and its usag

Wheel Alignment Willenhall

e. Check with your local mechanic to know which type of tyre rotation is the best for your car and tyres.

So, remember to take care of your car’s feet, for it to take care of your comforts.

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