Drive in Snow Every Year with Pirelli’s Range of Winter Tyres!

Crap! Winter is here!

Are you worried about slippery roads when you drive around in your brand new car?

Well, with the unpredictable winter hitting the UK, it’s not reasonable to take a brand new car out on the road! After all, you don’t want it to slide and bump into something on the frozen slippery roads.

Sigh! Can there be no solution?

Well, there is! You can opt for Pirelli’s winter tyres from garages like Loughborough Refurbs.

Okay! Before going into why it’s wise to opt for winter tyres from Pirelli, let’s learn a little more about them!

Pirelli Winter Tyres – What And Why Should They Be Chosen!


Pirelli’s range of winter tyres is designed for icy and snowy roads. They possess more treaded designs with bigger gaps and are equipped to drive in temperatures lower than 7 degrees C. Moreover, these tyres are tested by winter traction performance which enables them to perform in colder temperature.

Few of these tyres also come with metal or ceramic studs which increase the traction on heavy snow-laden roads.

Be it ice or snow; these tyres are unbeatable.

What is The Benefit of Using Winter Tyres!

Pirelli winter tyres bought especially form reliable garages like Loughborough Refurbs have the following benefits:

  1. Flexibility

When the temperature falls below 7°C, tyres start to harden and thus, chances of a car crash increase manifold.

However, winter tyres from Pirelli provide safety and flexibility in freezing temperatures too. Hence, when you purchase cheap tyres at Loughborough, you can easily visit the arcade or mall without fearing for your safety.

2. Better Braking Power!

Sometimes a car can skid on cold, slippery surfaces. Most drivers in such situations end up panicking and hitting their brakes too hard. Thus, their car goes topsy-turvy.

Therefore, availing new tyres from Loughborough will provide better traction so that cars can combat unprecedented skidding.

3. Stops Hydroplaning

The reason why you should buy new tyres in Loughborough is they provide hydroplaning. When tyres continuously work over icy pavement and roads, the heat generated can cause the ice to melt leading to traction issues.

However, hydroplaning in winter tyres prevent this by using unique grooves which prevent water from clogging. You can opt for Pirelli or Falken tyres for best hydroplaning options.

4. Snow Mobility

While buying Pirelli winter tyres, note that some of them come in thinner sizes when compared to the original manufacturers. The narrower width increases the pressure applied, and hence it makes it easier for the car to cut through a snowy landscape.

Moreover, you can get these tyres at an affordable rate too, if you avail cheap tyres at Loughborough. Pirelli especially offers winter tyres which are ideal for cars like SUV, Vans, range rover, and many more.

In conclusion, buying Pirelli tyres will prevent chances of accidents, and you won’t have to be stuck at home, worrying about the same. So, invest in these tyres and choose reputable sellers like Tyres Loughborough for obtaining high-quality winter tyre.

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