Ensure Your Car Wheels are Balanced Always

What you look for when you drive your car? Comfort, a good handling experience and a smooth ride, right?

How Do You Ensure That?

There are ways to ensure you have a smooth ride. This depends on how you look after your car. Here is how you keep your car fit and roadworthy.

Use engine diagnostics: Keep an eye always on your car engine, how it sounds when you drive. Look for troubling signs such as engine misfire. If ignored, it may lead to engine failure. Overheating is one of the main causes of engine failure. You know, the combustion process that goes in the engine generates a lot of heat. The in-built cooling system dissipates the excess heat that the engine produces. But if this cooling system malfunctions or the head gasket is blown off, it may lead to engine overheating quickly.

Don’t ignore those signals the onboard diagnostic system of your car emits. Instead, go to an experienced mechanic to set the engine right.

Misfire may also be caused by timing belt failure. It may cause serious damage to your car engine.  Keep the engine oil and coolant at an optimum level. This will help keep the engine cool and trouble-free.

Inspect Car Tyres: Handling experience and on-road safety depend a lot on how fit and roadworthy tyres are.

Make it a habit to inspect them regularly. This helps you spot troubling signs. Tread and sidewalls are the most important components. The tread should wear down equally. An uneven tread is a troubling sign.

Check their sidewalls for cracks, blisters and bulges. These signs are a pointer to the weakening of sidewalls. If ignored, this may threaten tyres’ structural integrity. A sudden collapse or blowout may result.

See, all tyres are properly inflated. If tyres are under-inflated or over-inflated, it may cause trouble when you drive. Keep the clutch moving: Another important component of the car. It helps you change the gear and drive smoothly.

Look out for slippage, shuddering, squeaking or grinding noise and trouble with gear changing. These are warning signs of a clutch failure.

Braking system: Most cars these days are equipped with a hydraulic braking system. All wheels have a brake. Apart from the regular brake, a handbrake or emergency brake is used to keep the vehicle still.

A well-oiled and functional braking system is vital to your safety.

Wheel Alignment: Keeping all wheels properly aligned is the key to a smooth ride. If they are not properly aligned, the car may pull to a side when you stop it. In addition, it won’t drive straight.  Another important factor essential to a smooth ride is wheel balancing.

What Is Wheel Balancing?

It is a tuning up of tyres so that the weight of the tyres and wheel assembly is equally distributed around the axle.

But this delicate balance may go wrong when you hit a bump are negotiate a sharp turn. This causes the weight to shift unequally. The shift gradually builds to lead to imbalance.

The imbalance becomes noticeable in the form of vibrations in the steering wheel, the floorboard or your seat. It leads to uneven tread wear, increased fuel consumption and suspension problems.

It is different from wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is all about keeping the wheels at a perfect angle and the road, whereas wheel balancing equals weight distribution.

It would help if you got your wheels balanced:

  • When you notice vibration while driving.
  • Once every two years, at least.
  • You have a flat tyre and get it repaired.
  • You go for a new set of tyres.
  • When the weight that used to be on the rim falls off.
  • When you notice uneven tread wear.

You can get your wheels in perfect balance in Cheltenham. Just type in some search words, for instance, Wheel Balancing Cheltenham. This will lead you to the right garage equipped with modern balancing tools and an experienced team. Call them to fix an appointment. 

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