Essential Information About Tyre Tread Wear

Tyres are vital for your vehicle since they help it to run stably on the road. You do not realize it, but your tyres keep you in a comfortable position while you accelerate, stop or turn your vehicle.

If you want a sustained performance from your Pirelli Tyres Coventry, you must keep them fit and fine by ensuring proper maintenance.

If you look at the outer surface of your tyres, you will observe that there are some designs on the surface. These patterns or designs are called tread. This part comprises rubber, and it is one of the most important components of your tyres.

Your tyres can hold the road effectively because of the tread pattern. As you know, a driver runs on varied road conditions and substances like mud, snow and sand also make driving difficult for the driver. Your tyres overcome the challenges caused by road conditions with the help of an appropriately designed tread pattern.

Tread pattern in tyres is supposed to wear out over time because of several factors.

When your tread depth reaches the lowest legal limit, you cannot drive your car on the roads in the UK. The minimum legal limit for driving the vehicle is 1.6mm.

Even, according to some experts, you must have at least 3mm tread depth while you drive your vehicle on roads. If your tyres are severely balding, it means that they are unable to provide proper grip and traction to the car drivers.

To be sure about the tread depth, you need to check it at regular intervals. You may use multiple ways to assess the tread depth like:

Use a Coin:

You can simply use a penny coin to check the tread depth. Insert a coin into the groove of your tyre tread. If the head of the coin is not visible, your tread is not near retirement, if the coin is visible, you need to replace your tyre as soon as possible.

Buy a Depth Gauge:

Tyre depth gauges are available in the market. You can use a high-quality gauge to measure the tread depth. The coin test is not a precise method, but this method will give you a more accurate measurement.

Observe Tread Wear Indicators:

Modern tyres come with tread wear indicators. These indicators are visible when your tyres are balding severely. You should replace your tyres if you can see the tread wear indicators.

Dangers of Using Bald Tyres On Your Car:

If you are driving on bald tyres, you have to be ready for the following risks:

Hydroplaning Risk:

Driving on bald tyres will increase the chances of hydroplaning on wet surfaces. In rainy weather, water will create a layer to eliminate the friction between the road surface and the body of the tyre. As a result, the vehicle skids to increase the chances of an accident.

To avoid the risk of hydroplaning, drivers choose the tyres with a tread pattern that may disperse extra water efficiently.

Worn Tyres Lose Air Pressure Easily:

Loss of air pressure is more likely in bald tyres because of a thin rubber material. Thus, it is confirmed that bald tyres are going to remain under-inflated if you do not check them for a long time.

Bald Tyres Face Blowouts:

If a sharp object is present on road, it will be hardly able to pierce the body of your tyres that have proper tread depth. On the other hand, a thinner rubber of bald tyres allows the sharp object to tear its body easily.

The Poor Grip on Snow:

Bald tyres will struggle on snow and ice because of the slippery nature of the road surface. Moreover, the braking distance will also be affected because of the same reason. Thus, make sure you always drive on snow with properly maintained tyres.

Tips to Reduce the Chances of Tread Wear:

How Can I Reduce Tyre Wear?

You cannot eliminate the process of tread wear. However, you can decrease its severity with the help of the following tips:

Keep your tyres properly inflated. Deflated tyres are more prone to tread wear. Check the air pressure when your tyres are cool.

Drive your car in unfavourable conditions with appropriate tyres. For example, buy winter tyres for snow and ice and summer tyres for hot roads. Mud tyres are appropriate for mud, sand, rocks, and soil on the surface.

Keep your wheel and tyres properly aligned and balanced since alignment and balancing issues are closely related to the tread wear in Car Tyres Coventry.