Essential Tips On How To Maintain Your Car

With the rise in the base temperature in summers, it has become extremely crucial to keep your car summer-ready. Just as air-conditioner is our saviour, even tyres have certain things that help in their maintenance.

Important Tips

1. Guard the exterior of your car

Your car’s paint and its shine affect the exterior the most. It is the safest to prevent parking the car in the sun for a prolonged period of time. The car should be parked in a shady place or use a sun shield to maintain a cool temperature inside the vehicle. You could also cover the body of the car to avoid it from any damage due to grime and dust. You could protect your car by wax polish and regular dry wash. Teflon coating does add a layer of protection for a long period.

2. Get the tyres checked

Overheating of Tyres Sutton in Ashfield during summers is common given the high temperatures. Inadequate inflation of tyres also cause overheating and there is a threat of a tyre blowout. The tyre treads need to be checked and replaced at the beginning of summers, in case of it being worn out. The tyre pressures need to be inflated at the recommended levels and maintained, including the spare tyre. It enables the saving of fuel as well. The alignment of wheels should also be ensured before travelling too far off places.

3. Always check under the hood

Under the hood are components like a car battery, fluids like oil and the coolant, hoses, pipes and air filter. In case, any of these components stop functioning properly, it may lead to the overheating and eventually the breakdown of the car. Hence, it is important to service your vehicle regularly. Overcharging of the car battery due to heat requires checking of its battery terminals for signs of corrosion, and loose wires to prevent the draining of the battery. The area around the battery should be clean and the level of the electrolytes should be monitored.

4. Servicing the air-conditioner

Air-conditioner of the car takes the heavy load of the car during Summer Check Sutton in Ashfield. Hence, it’s regular servicing from a trusted service centre is essential to ensure its proper working. Any leaks in the car AC pipes, vents and ducts should be cleaned and fixed to avoid the loss of any gas. The cooling coil should be cleaned and washed for pure air. The AC should be switched off while starting the car and once started, the windows should be rolled down to let the hot air and unhealthy fumes out of the car.

5. Keep the interior of the car clean

The temperature spoils the upholstery of the car leading to a foul odour or even making the interiors black. Hence, it is a good practice to clean the interiors to ensure that there are no deposits of dust on areas like the dashboard and AC vents. A car disinfectant treatment with antiviral and anti-fungal properties helps the interiors remain safe and clean at all times.

6. Prepare to handle a car breakdown

An emergency kit should be there in the car for any emergency. The spare tyre should also be available in good condition with all the necessary tools. Supplies of coolant, flashlight, emergency sign, water, phone charger, relevant documents etc. need to be present in the car before going on a long drive.

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