Essential Tips to Make Sure that Your Car is Ready for Winter

As a car owner, you need to get your vehicle up and ready for the winter. There are certain specific points of maintenance and servicing your vehicle needs to be winter-ready. Here are a few easy-to-follow essential tips to help you out!

Service Your Car Engine

Check out for any issues with your engine. A hard time starting up, stalling in neutral, rough idling, poor acceleration, etc. are some of the more common signs that your engine needs a proper service. Take your car to a professional garage for a repair to avoid making it worse during the cold weather.

Change to Winter Tyres

Travel in frosty weather calls for replacing regular tyres with winter Tyres in Coventry or any part of the UK where temperatures drop below the 7°C mark. These tyres are built to endure and perform in low temperatures and icy terrain.

Inspect for Fuel Consistency

Add a fuel de-icer in the tank once every month so that the existing moisture does not freeze inside the fuel pipe. It also keeps moisture from accumulating inside the gas tank.

Change the Engine Oil

Make sure you have followed routine change of oil and oil filter after every 3,000 miles. Also, have an expert inspect your fuel pump for future issues and do the necessary repairs. Malfunctioning pumps are another common issue in winters.

Flush the Cooling System

An ideal way to keep the cooling system healthy is to flush and refill as per requirements. Worth mentioning, you should always stick to manufacturer recommendations for the anti-freeze.

Make sure the concentration, level and condition of the antifreeze are up to the mark. Follow the recommended mix of 1:1 for adding antifreeze and water. If you are doing this all by yourself, avoid flushing and refilling when the engine is cold. Run it for a while, heat it to average temperatures and turn it off before going ahead with the flush and refill.

Service Your Defroster and Heater

It’s important to keep these two accessories in proper functional conditions during winter to give you the much-necessary comfort while driving. Refer to professional expertise for repairs and servicing.

Take a Look at the Battery

As a DIY, keep the battery terminals and cable connections corrosion-free. If your car battery has a removable cap, you should also check the fluid level before taking your car out in cold temperatures. Low fluid levels can cause your vehicle to stall or worse, not start at all!

Check the Exhaust System

Your car’s exhaust should be checked for any leaks as the fumes can be very harmful. Also, you should inspect the floorboards and trunk for any holes.

A Pending MOT?

Make sure that you do not have pending MOT Test Coventry before winter starts. Take your car over to professional auto garages such as Central Point MOT for expert diagnosis and requisite servicing. It is advisable to get your servicing done before the MOT and the upcoming winter so that you’re ready for both in one go!

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