Everything You Must Know About Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres have been present in the market for many decades now. They enjoy a reputation for providing good quality tyres. It was the first company that started manufacturing tyres in Korea. Increasing the driving quality of the vehicle is the primary aim of Nexen. Consequently, Nexen aims to improve the driving experience through quality tyres by undertaking extensive research and development.


Durability is one of the many benefits of Nexen tyres. One can easily avoid a pothole impact by using these tyres. In addition to this, Nexen offers a pothole guarantee on some of their tyres. Therefore, these tyres are manufactured keeping potholes in mind. So, with Nexen tyres, you are no more a victim of potholes. In short, enhanced safety benefits are provided along with a great driving experience. Nexen has worked a day in and out to provide its customers with such a level of safety.

Nexen tyres are suitable for driving in all weather conditions.

Consequently, the driver need not worry if the road is wet or hot and dry. Nexen tyres will keep your car firm and steady irrespective of the road.


Nexen tyres come with major car brands like Renault, Chevrolet, GM, Chrysler, Fiat, Mitsubishi etc. Specifically, they are suitable for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and most passenger cars. These tyres are the most common tyres that come with various cars and this ultimately benefits the driver.

Major car brands like Renault, Chevrolet, GM, Chrysler, Fiat, Mitsubishi etc. use Nexen tyres as the default tyres in their cars. This speaks of the quality of tyres Nexen produces. Particularly, passenger cars and SUVs segments are the ones mainly suitable for segment tyres.

The Eco-friendly Hive concept by Nexen has won several awards. the unique design provides reassurance to the driver. It provides replaceable tread blocks. Interestingly, these tyres are safe for daily use and provide comfort in both long and short stretches. This is the reason they have so many awards.

One should choose Nexen Tyres Birmingham over any other tyres because they provide quality, safety and design their products themselves. Furthermore, the durable feature will help the tyre to function for a long time. Return on investment in the case of Nexen tyres is great as it is not likely to wear out easily. The best designs are provided to the customer by Nexen.

Variants Available:

Our inventory consists of Nexen tyres for every car model. Some of the top-selling tyres available at Nexen Tyres Birmingham are:

1) For Summers – Summer tyres come with low tread depth and are made of hard rubber. Excellent car handling is provided by this design. Wide treads enhance water dispersion. Furthermore, these tyres are suitable for wet roads also. The braking distance is reduced by the 3d grooves.

Example: N’FERA Primus

2) For Winters – Winter tyres provide improved grip. This improved grip is provided by the sipes present on the shoulders. Additionally, semi-grooves present on the tyres help in increasing snow traction.. water drainage capacity is increased because of the tread design.

Example: WINGUARD Snow’G3

3) All-season –  All season tyres are suitable for summers as well as winters. These variants ensure an all-year-round grip. Round and v-shape grooves are present on the tyres. this offers increased drainage. Consequently, slush performance is also enhanced.

Example: N blue 4Season

Other variants available are mentioned below:

· NEFRA sport (for ultra-high performance)

· Roadian at 4×4 (for SUV)

· Run-flats

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