Everything You Must Know About Taking Care Of Summer Tyres

Tyres are one of the most neglected parts of your vehicle when it comes to maintenance. However, tyres are the most vulnerable part of your car as well, especially when used in hot and humid climatic conditions.

The humidity and the heat can cause a lot of damage to your tyre’s rubber by wearing it out or by increasing its sensitivity towards damage. 

Let us discuss a few things that you can take care of these summers to make sure that your tyres remain in good working condition.

Wash your tyres regularly

The tidiness of your tyres contributes to preventing corrosion which increases their overall shelf life. 

A nice splash of water not only gives a fresh appearance to your tyres but also clears all the dust, dirt or debris that can cause damage to your car and your tyre. 

Rotate the tyres on regular intervals

It is advisable to change the positions of your tyres after every six months or after using them for about 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Rotating the tyres prevents a single tyre from uneven and quicker wear.

Therefore, to enhance their performance and to increase their shelf life, you should rotate your tyres regularly.

Check your tyre pressure

The tyre pressure should be regularly checked as any amount of external heat affects the air pressure inside. Excessive or under-inflation of tyres can result in uneven wear that in turn results in decreased shelf life. 

Also, make sure that the tyre valves are in good shape as they prevent leakage of the tyre air and maintain pressure.

Keep your driving patterns in check

Whatever the season may be, aggressive driving is never healthy for your tyres. It involves hard acceleration and even harder braking, which affects the condition of your tyres. 

During summers, do not drive continuously for longer durations. It is advisable to stop for 10-15 minutes after every 2-3 hours of continuous driving to let your tyres cool down for a while.

Inspect the rubber 

During hot summer days, constant exposure to UV rays can cause the oils and chemicals of your tyres’ rubber to break down, resulting in bulges and cracks on its surface. 

Cracks that run deep into the rubber increase the risks of a blowout. And thus, it becomes crucial for you to get any cracks that you notice fixed, as soon as possible.

Inspect the tyre treads

The design of the treads and its condition directly affect the performance of your tyres. Therefore, it becomes crucial to check them for uneven patterns regularly. 

Uneven treads are capable of neither holding a good grip on the road nor aiding in different driving conditions like braking or turning. Thus, you need to replace your Tyres Loughborough immediately if you realise that they are not in excellent shape.

To get the best out of your set of tyres, you must keep a regular check on their condition. We, at Loughborough Refurbs, offer the best Tyres Loughborough and services when it comes to tyre repair, maintenance and replacement. Visit us today to avail the best service possible.

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