Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next 4×4 Tyre

If you have an SUV, you will need a new set of 4×4 tyres sooner or later. These tyres are typically bigger and have their own whole range of varieties and further sub-variants.

They differ from regular car tyres in more features than just the size. Typically, SUVs are built to tackle difficult terrain as Sports Utility Vehicles. This does not necessarily mean that driving such a vehicle in urban traffic is farcical. On the contrary, there are 4×4 tyres for urban and highway tarmac as well.

Either way, here’s everything you need to know about these tyres!

A Little About 4×4 Tyres

4×4 tyres are a special breed of tyres, specifically used for SUV’s. They are quite different from standard tyres, viz. –

  • They have deeper treads

  • Widely spread treads patterns and larger tread blocks.

  • They are made of softer tread compounds.

  • Rigid sidewalls that make the tyres capable of carrying heavier loads.

With all these features different from a standard tyre, 4×4 tyres perform better as well. When you go for your off-road trips and adventures around Alfreton, you’ll need these high-performance 4×4 tyres in Alfreton for your SUV.

These tyres provide superior traction. Uphill drives with steep inclines become challengingly fun. Better traction also takes away a lot of stress from the transmission, as you are no longer heavily dependent on the 1st gear solely for that necessary torque to go uphill.

These tyres are best for driving in mud, sand and dirt roads, where standard tyres fail and slip. So before you head out for your next adventure, look for a place that sells 4×4 Tyres Alfreton and fit them to your car’s wheels.

But, on the flip side, these tyres wear out quicker. So you’ll have a need to replace them much earlier.

Some Trade-Offs With These Tyres

Driving on regular roads with these tyres will make them wear out much faster. These tyres have a much larger surface area in contact with the road than regular tyres. These tyres will cause your car to burn much more fuel. They cause so much friction that they slow down the vehicle drastically, hence making the engines work harder to gain speed.

With all these benefits, these tyres need to be taken proper care of. You need to watch out for the signs alerting you to change them. 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Tyres

Tyres have tread wear indicators (TWI) comprising of small rubber blocks embedded into the tread. The surface of these blocks become visible as the tread wears down. It is recommended to replace the tyres once the depth is around 2mm.

As the tyres of your car get older, the rubber loses its suppleness and gets harder due to loss of oils and moisture. Hence, it is recommended to replace tyres every 5 years. You can find out the tyres’ build date with the four digit number stamped on its side wall.

Having read all these information, you now know how important it is to take care of your 4×4 tyres. You can visit garages like Colemans Garage to get your SUV tyres as well as other components checked and optimised for performance.

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