Everything you’d like to know about high-performance tyres

You may have the best kind of vehicle with you, but you also need to have the best tyres for that vehicle to get maximum performance on the roads. The quality of your rides depends a lot on the kind of tyres you are using. After all, tyres must complement your vehicle. They play a mammoth role in the handling of your automobile. You’d be quite surprised to know this, but the engine also draws its power from the tyres. That’s why you must pay extra attention to choosing your tyres.

When we talk of tyres here, there are various types of tyres available in the market. You must have heard of summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. There’s another category of tyres called high-performance tyres. Though these tyres aren’t that common among the masses, they are still one of the best in the industry. You will find these tyres mostly on sports cars and they the performance of the vehicle to the next level. Let’s know more about these Continental tyres Stockport.

How are the performance tyres made?

The main component of high-performance tyres is the silica in the rubber compound. It’s this silica that gives the power to your engine. There are three aspects that are taken care of while creating these tyres.

  • Construction of the tyres – These tyres are constructed for better handling and precision on the roads. Their rim size is a bit larger than the regular tyres and the sidewalls are even narrower. This makes space for even bigger brakes. This gives a decrease in the aspect ratio.
  • Compound of the tyres – As mentioned, silica in the rubber compound gives a perfect grip on the roads. These tyres acclimatize to the surface of the roads.
  • Tread of the tyres – Tread blocks are large and the grooves and blocks are arranged in such a manner that the vehicle gets a shorter braking distance.

Different types of performance tyres

Just as we have seasonal tyres, the same category can be found in high-performance tyres as well.

  • Summer high-performance tyres – designed for remarkable performance in dry and hot weather conditions. They provide excellent grip on both dry and damp roads. Despite high speed, cornering is never an issue with these tyres.
  • All-season high-performance tyres – designed for all types of weather conditions, they give you superb traction almost throughout the year.
  • Winter high-performance tyres – specifically crafted for chilled winter conditions, they come with special winter markings like a snowflake symbol.


Testing of tyres

Since these tyres are made for specific vehicles and they are used by people who love speed and performance. These tyres are tested by car racers and there’s an entire team of technicians behind the testing of these tyres Stockport. They are also tested for their cornering and how they respond to the steering. Tyres are made to run at high speeds and they are checked for maintaining balance on the roads.

Merits of high-performance tyres

  • Better handling of the vehicle

Since the rubber compound is soft and the sidewalls rigid, you get a good quality of traction on the roads. They move with precision on the roads.

  • Heat resistant

Speeding tyres are not able to resist heat better. This becomes a major reason for a blowout on the roads. But high-performance tyres are not like this.

Are high-performance tyres for everyone?

Well, if speed is what you love and you’re looking for a heightened experience while you drive, then you must go for them. However, this doesn’t mean that you drive recklessly.

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