Experience Convenience with Run Flat Tyres

At least once in your life, you will be stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a punctured tyre. You might miss an important appointment or simply find yourself helpless on an isolated road. How do you deal with the possibility that such a situation can arise? Simple, you get run flat tyres! You ask what they are; we say magic.

Flat run tyres are specially designed to remain safe and functional for (around) fifty miles in the event of a puncture. This means you won’t be stranded due to a punctured tyre nor will you find yourself helpless on an isolated road. You’ll have enough time to reach home or a garage.

What is the Secret Behind the Magic?

Unlike a standard tyre, a flat run tyre will stay hard irrespective of any air pressure. It is because a flat run tyre has a reinforced sidewall (outer shell) that keeps the rubber in place without air. However, wisdom stays vary of overestimation. It is recommended NOT to drive the car for more than 50 miles after the deflation, or you risk exposing magic as technology.

It is also important to note that the strengthened sidewall helps to keep the car under control in the event of a puncture. Also, you don’t have to put yourself in a dangerous situation by attempting to change the car wheel at the side of a road. Instead, if you don’t have flat run tyres, you can contact our garage, Trade Price Tyres for assistance.

The indication of puncture through the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on the driver’s console is the beginning of the reverse clock. Without TPMS, it is impossible to detect a puncture in a flat run tyre. In case of the absence of TPMS, it’s almost like running with a blindfold. It is recommended to get flat run tyres only if you have TPMS installed.

Although flat run tyres are more expensive than conventional tyres, they last as long and require similar care and maintenance. Not to forget, they are either non-repairable or (eventually) cost a fortune. In any case, we either invest in a security or take a leap towards the possibility of a free fall.

Humans make choices by putting bait on contrasting possibilities. Based on the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities, one should make rational choices. It has been proved that the human mind is driven by the ‘irrational’, but by putting relevant knowledge and information in the right context, there’s hope for rationality.

Despite the disadvantages, it won’t be wise to risk getting stranded on an isolated road. While acknowledging the expenses, we also need to recognize safety. It is imperative to carefully analyse and process the collected information before making a choice. If you choose to get Car Tyres Newport then the best place to get flat run tyres is Trade Price Tyres. If you want to witness magic, feel free to drop by sometime!

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