Expert Tips to Follow for Winter Tyre Care

Winters can be extremely harsh on your tyres. You need tyres that can perfectly match the season. The harsh conditions of winters make rubber hard, which is why summer tyres do not work for winters. If you want to ensure you drive safe, winter tyres or all-season tyres should be preferred. Additionally, you should go on and find a pair of winter Tyres Manchester :

Expert tips to take care of your winter tyres

You should make sure that your tyres are taken care of. Poorly-maintained tyres end up causing accidents and often lead to further damages. Here are some expert tips to make use of to protect your tyres:

1. Make sure that the tyres and wheels are always clean

It is crucial to keep your wheels and Tyres Manchester clean in winters. Since the temperatures keep dropping, snow and dirt can get stuck in the ridges. Without warm conditions, snow and dirt cannot melt away.

As the dirt does not melt away, it is difficult to catch the issues that may prop up. Regularly cleaning off your wheels and tyres will help you to understand the state of your tyres. It helps you keep an eye on tread depths, bulges, splits, etc.

2. Keep your speeds in Check

You need to ensure that you do not speed away. In winters, the tyres become rigid and need to be warmed up before you speed up. Doing so helps you avoid accidents.

In other words, if you start driving at high speeds after your car has been sitting idle for a while, you may have trouble handling your car. You should drive your car at moderate speeds to warm up your car tyres. This will give you a better grip on the road surfaces.

3. Tyre pressure is important

Remember that your car tyre pressure is important, even more so in winters. As temperatures drop outside, your tyre will begin to lose 1psi with every 10°F drop.

This means that as winter progresses, your tyres will begin to lose inflation. Regular checks on the pressure will help you to maintain the right tyre pressure.

With temperatures dropping outside, the air inside your tyre begins to contract. This is what leads to loss of air pressure in your car tyres.

Underinflated tyres make driving exceptionally difficult, causing you to feel the bumps, and difficulty in handling.

4. Replace all tyres, not just two

When you decide to replace your car tyres, make sure that you use four new tyres instead of two.

Usually, motorists replace two tyres. However, if you replace the front or rear tyre changes, you’d see that it makes no difference. In either case, the older tyres will not respond as well as the new ones do.

This is exactly why you should be replacing all tyres for safety.

Other expert tips

  • Whenever you start your car on snowy surfaces, start with second gear. Second gear movement will ensure that your car does not experience extra wheelspin. Also, remember to go easy on the clutch and accelerator of the car as well.

  • Always be gentle with the brakes. Abrupt brakes will increase your chances of skidding on the surfaces. Since braking ensures that your car tyres come to a stop, abrupt braking will lock the tyres as they are. This will lead to skidding. Hence, increasing the chances of accidents.

  • Tyre balancing and torquing should not be avoided. Just as it is for summer tyres, these methods help in ensuring your tyres are in balance and not a threat to your car.

Bottom Line: What to remember?

When you make use of winter tyres, you need to ensure that tyres are not easy to maintain. However, staying up to date with the tips to maintain your Summer and Winter Tyres Manchester will help you out.

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