Experts Answer 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Tyres

In this post, you will learn about the answers to questions about tyres that you might have had at some point. Tyres are a highly important part of your vehicle and its time that queries about them get sufficient attention.

Listed below are FAQs and answers about winter, summer and all season tyres in Nottingham:

Q1. Do I actually need a winter tyre?

Answer: Absolutely. Winter tyres are quite essential when it comes to road safety. In many European countries, their use is mandated by law during the winter season. Many mishaps have happened in the past due to tyres in Nottingham with lousy grip.

Q2. Why should I buy winter tyres?

Answer: The most straightforward solution would be: to eliminate the chances of hydroplaning in snowy and wet roads. Winter tyres contain a unique compound called silica mixed with rubber. Silica makes the tread compound softer and more durable, thereby helping the tyres to deliver maximum traction on snow. They also have specially designed tread patterns that allow them to bite the road more efficiently on snow.

Q3. Should I buy winter tyres or all season tyres?

Answer: Depends on the climate. If you live in places like Nottingham, it is highly advantageous for you to buy all season tyres in Nottingham. They offer excellent grip as well as fuel economy all-round the year. Their high-density sipes offer excellent protection from aquaplaning, and the tread compound maximises traction and minimises rotational resistance.

However, at places that have freezing winters, drivers must go for winter tyres. Temperatures below 7°C make tyres quite rigid and brittle. Therefore, in harsh cold places, only winter tyres will be able to provide the required traction and grip.

Q4. Can I use winter tyres throughout the year?

Answer: Absolutely, if you live in the North Pole or other similar places. For drivers in the UK, it is unfeasible and counterproductive. Winter tyres are specially designed for winter use only. They offer effective traction on snow and water. During summers, winter tyres affect the fuel economy of your vehicle. The car will draw more fuel because winter tyres are softer. They also cause damage to the roads if used during summer. It is illegal in many places to use winter tyres during the summer.

Q5. Is using winter tyres only on drive wheels okay?

Answer: No, it could not be further from okay. It increases the chances of skidding. Suppose your drive wheels are the front wheels and you have winter tyres installed in them while rear wheels are summer tyres. If you brake, your front wheels will stop immediately while you back wheels will slide. Similarly, mounting them on back wheels will reduce the grip of your steering wheels. That will reduce the vehicle’s response to the steering.

With some of the most common questions adequately answered, you are now well-equipped to purchase a set of new car tyres. Note that you should only visit reputed facilities in Nottingham like TST Tyres. They showcase a large number of winter tyres, all season tyres and summer tyres in Nottingham from international brands like Dunlop, Michelin and Continental.

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