Explained: 5 Main Reasons Why Your Car Doesn’t Accelerate

Imagine a situation: you are driving a car which seems to be in excellent health and get caught at a red light. When the ‘go’ sign flashes, the other vehicles rush past you while your car refuses to accelerate. No matter how hard you press that pedal, there appears to be little progress. Simply put, your vehicle seems to have specific issues which are preventing it from gaining speed.

What could be the issue? Fret not; you are well covered!

Here are 5 most common causes why your car may not accelerate.

Issue 1

Oxygen Sensor Malfunction

The sensor which monitors the car’s exhaust and determines the air-fuel ratio for your car’s engine is malfunctioning. The problem is that, one can never foretell when this sensor will have issues. One instant, it is working correctly; the next moment, it sputters and stops working. If that happens, your car will fail to accelerate. In extreme circumstances, a vehicle might not start at all!

Issue 2

TPS Malfunction

A car’s TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) determines the throttle valve’s opening angle as soon as the pedal is pressed. All information from TPS goes straight to the ECU (Engine Control Unit.) If there is no data from the TPS, the ECU will be led into believing that the opening angle is wrong, and acceleration will steadily drop.

Conversely, if TPS sends mistaken data, the ECU will malfunction in turn too.

Issue 3

Dirty/Clogged Fuel Filters

Most UK cars are petrol, although there are more diesel vehicles in the UK against petrol variants than most leading automobile markets. If the fuel itself is malfunctioning or messy, the fuel filter functions to clean it. At times, however, the fuel filter fails to perform as well as it should because it gets dirty or clogged. Under such scenarios, the engine fails to get an ample amount of fuel, resulting in poor performance of the car. Acceleration stops, and engine performance takes a hit.

This problem has no permanent solution. You must visit professional service stations like Forza Tyres to help you change your fuel filter and any other expert advice for the future. They can also help you with your MOT other than new OEM spares that they retail, including tyres.

Issue 4

Clogged Or Dirty Air Filters

When compared to the fuel filter, an air filter ensures that a car engine’s combustion chamber gets particulate-free air. With a clogged or dirty air filter, an engine will not have the requisite supply of fresh air, resulting in a loss of power. It will chew away at your car’s acceleration powers.

The air filter needs replacements as there are no repairs possible.

Issue 5

Tyre Issues

Even the best Car Tyres Peterborough sometimes get worn to the extent of non-compatibility, not to mention, non-conformity with the British laws of minimum tread depth. Your car will have issues with acceleration because these tyres are unable to generate requisite traction from the tarmac. New tyres, or re-treaded ones, should immediately be bought, which will then replace the existing ones.

The next time you go for vehicle inspection in Peterborough, ask the experts to give your car an excellent and thorough examination. Most of these problems can be prevented provided action is taken at the right time.

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