Explained: All about Low profile tyres

Are you looking for a new set of tyres that not only provides quality but also changes the look of your vehicle? If yes, then low profile tyres are your new best friend.

About low profile tyres

A tyre with a 50 aspect ratio or lesser is a low profile tyre. Tyres Edgeley come with a narrow sidewall which gives the vehicle a sporty look.

Low profile tyres entered the automobile industry in the late sixties. Since then, they have become a favourite of vehicles like BMW, Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi and Lexus. They are also used in sports arenas and cars like the Honda Accord.

In the seventies, the aspect ratio of the tyres had to be 80 or less. This shows us the improvement that the automobile industry had in recent years.


Low profile tyres enable improved traction and good stability. It comes with a tread and a thick shoulder that protects the interior part of the tyre from any shock or damage. These tyres are stiff because of the steel belts used. They have a flexible sidewall that protects the interior of the tyre. They also come with bread wires which helps in holding the tyre to the rim. These tyres have rim protectors since the tyres only have 55 or lesser aspect ratio.

Wear and tear

Before you buy these tyres, make sure that you check the load index and the size of the tyre. Also, check that the speed rates mentioned are suitable for your vehicle. This will help in improving the longevity of the tyres. The tread and the bead are also reinforced to make it durable.

If not maintained properly, they may wear out faster. This is because it contains softer materials to improve the speed and the road grip. Hence it is important to pay attention to the details mentioned above. Always remember to slow down your vehicle before you apply the brakes and look out for potholes. This will avoid any damages that may occur to the tyres. Make sure that you check the tyre pressure on a daily basis to reduce the wear and tear of the tyres.


Suspension protects the vehicle from shock or damages caused by road bumps or potholes. Today, we see that vehicles come with their own set of low profile Tyres Brooklands. These vehicles come with an in-built suspension system.


Like the other tyres, low profile tyres should also have the correct amount of air pressure. If the tyres are under-inflated, then it is not safe and also causes overheating. Whereas, if the tyres are over-inflated, the tyres will wear out quicker than expected. Hence it is mandatory to check the tyre pressure on a daily basis for a safer drive and durability of the tyres.


  • Low profile tyres are gaining more popularity because of its sporty look. It changes the entire look of your vehicle.
  • These tyres enable higher speeds, improved traction and stability on smooth surfaces.
  • They have large rims that help the driver to have control over the vehicle and the brakes while driving.


  • These tyres produce more sound while driving as compared to the usual tyres. The manufacturers are working on reducing such sounds.
  • The tyres are prone to wear and tear and cannot run in snowy conditions.
  • These tyres may damage the fenders and the suspension system.
  • They may get expensive while replacing the tyres to bigger ones.

Hence, the use of Tyres Edgeley depend on your interest and the use of the vehicle. These tyres do have their own disadvantages. But the speed and the stability that it provides is the reason for its popularity.

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