Five Off-Roading SUV Tyres That Are Worth Your Investment

Sport Utility Vehicles and adventures have become synonymous lately, and most of the SUVs in the market today focus on off-roading abilities. People have expressed their desires to become explorers, go into the wild and know the unknown. The major attributes of a premier off-roading vehicle are mileage, power, suspension and ground clearance. But, often overlooked tyres are equally important because they affect the handling, performance and fuel efficiency.

The tyre market has evolved according to needs and requirements. With the SUV market huge leaps, the tyre industry decided to up its game and introduced tech-laden off-roading tyres to offer maximum driving comfort and better steering control. However, with so many options, it’s only natural to be sceptical of your choices. Therefore, here is an article on five off-roading SUV tyres that are worth your investment.

Hankook DynaPro AT M (RF10)

These tyres are the latest addition in the 4×4 Tyres Swaffham segment and are already making news because of their off-roading friendly features. Hankook is a Korean company that has introduced rugged-looking tough tyres in the market at affordable prices. These tyres are puncture-resistant with joint bead wire technology, which means they can cover fairly long distances at low pressure.

Both these specifications are the major attractions for the customers because it ensures safety and convenience. Additionally, the reinforced sidewalls provide double sturdiness and ensure minimum damage due to uneven and patch surfaces. The rubber compound used in this tyre ensures added protection against cut and impacts due to poor roads.

Michelin Primacy 4 ST

Michelin is world leaders when it comes to race and high-performance tyres. Also, Michelin tyres offer best in class corner steering and wet grip handling. With that being said, Michelin has now ventured into the SUV and off-roading tyre segment. Just like their luxury or race car tyres, these tyres offer extremes of both safety and performance. These tyres are tested for over 1 lakh kilometres to ensure that they keep up the brand name. If you are a sucker for premium brands, Michelin Primacy 4 ST won’t disappoint you.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

The Japanese tyre giants have taken the off-roading tyre performance to a whole new level. These tyres are equipped with shoulder block technology which means that snow and rain are the past things because these Tyres Swaffham can easily shrug off the thick mud.

Therefore, no matter which terrain you decide to explore, these tyres will not compromise on performance. On top of such rough use, Yokohama promises a distance of 50000 km on these tyres. If these tyres do not give value for money, what does? The triple layer silica polymer adds to the tyre’s weight, and the mileage may take a bit of a toll. Geolander comes in 15 and 18-inch variants to meet your vehicle’s needs and requirements.

Michelin LTX Force

Michelin’s LTX Force, apart from having the premium brand promise, offers a superior grip for steep climbs. The tread technology and the rubber compounds used are ideal for the mountain climbs rocky and moist terrains. If you do not want to research too much into the off-roading tyres, just put your trust in Michelin, and you won’t be disappointed.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Scorpion by Pirelli is an excellent example of adaptive tyres that work efficiently in all sorts of conditions. The central curved tread pattern works brilliantly on the road, and they can surprise you with their off-road grip as well. Pirelli has claimed that these tyres can roll smoothly on mud, gravel, and tarmac.

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