Five Strong Pillars of Buying New Reliable Tyres for A Car

If you own a car, the most interesting job would be purchasing new tyres. But, as a car owner, you must have some basic ideas while purchasing new tyres. Many tyres have been designed to make your move from point A to B safely. Other tyres are meant to handle many more things between the source and the destination.

This article explains five aspects to trace in your new Goodyear Tyres Burton on Trent.


Knowing the span for which you want your tyres to last is essential while buying new tyres. Various factors affect the durability aspect of your tyres although the manufacturers offer an approximate estimate of miles the tread can cover in its lifetime.

The factors affecting tyre longevity include elevation of the ground they are driven on, curve extent of the road, climates they are used in, etc. The durability of tread life is between 40,000 and 100,000 miles for the all-season tyres.

For high-performance tyres, it is in the range of 40,000 to 70,000 miles. For top-performance tyres, it doesn’t exceed 25,000 miles. These are sold without any guarantee.


Like the cars, the tyres are filled with various features. It is claimed by many tyre manufacturers that their tyres can minimise the stopping distance amount in your car while other manufacturers claim that more fuel economy is offered by their brand. Similarly, many tyres have been designed to offer safe movement even after the tyre gets punctured badly.

But, you have decided to get your tyres replaced with another tyre set; you need to match the new tyre to factory specifications. You must be well acquainted with the features available in your tyre.

All-season tyres are purchased by most drivers. These tyres perform efficiently in almost every driving condition especially in dry weather and offer good grip on the road although the miles in your car are not increased by using these tyres.

You need to buy tyres for your car meant for offering proper traction roads covered with ice, snow or water if you are searching for tyres that are capable of handling extreme conditions.

The snow tyres of particular brands have an icon indicating severe weather on the sidewall. This icon looks like a mountain containing a snowflake inside it.

These tyres exhibit more traction levels as compared to the all-season tyres. Irrespective of the tyres you choose to buy, you must make thorough research regarding the features you need. You must see which features fulfil your requirements and match your driving style.

Speed Rating

Yes, the ratings explaining the speed of the car are made for tyres. Factory specifications give you a clear idea about the tyre type you must use in your car. You will find performance tyres capable of performing in every season conditions.

Thus, you need not trade one for another. These tyres contain a rating at the sidewall ranging from H to V. They offer proper grip and handling on the road without compromising the weather capability. On the other hand, the snowy and icy conditions are sacrificed by the high-performance tyres for offering the best performance in dry and wet conditions.

Rating of V, W, Y, or Z is present for such tyres. Speed of 149 to 186 miles per hour can be sustained by these tyres based on the letter of speed rating.


You must have a proper idea about the size of the factory tyre of your car and the tyre size that fits well on your wheels. Handling components and suspension components are designed by vehicle manufacturers with the factory tyre and wheel in mind.

The handling and performance of your car can be affected by changing the tyre size. You must refer to the owner’s manual provided with the car if you are opting to change the tyre size.

This manual depicts manufacturer recommendations and specifications. You can also take the advice of a tyre expert to know about the effects of tyre size change if you want to change the tyre size drastically.


For determining what kind of tyre you buy and from where you buy, price is a crucial factor. You can find numerous options online. But, before you make an online purchase, you must first find the cost charged for installing the tyre at a nearby local garage. The local garage may charge some additional costs apart from the cost of balancing and installing the tyres.

Thus, you need to talk to a local tyres shop regarding whether they will install the tyre or not and how much they will charge for mounting the Tyres Burton on Trent you have purchased online.

If you have decided to purchase from a tyre shop offline, you must know that every tyre shop doesn’t offer the same tyre type and brands. You need to shop around from one shop to another till you find the tyre that best suits your requirement and budget.

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