Follow These 5 Secret Tips to Store Your Summer Tyres Better

Summer tyres have a different rubber compound which makes them unsuitable for use in winters. And since winter is on its way, you need to store the tyres properly and save you a lot of money the next time you go for a tyre repair session.

How to Store Summer Tyres Like a Pro

Summer tyres are built differently than all-season and winter tyres and need specialised care. To store them for the few months they will sit idle, remember these points.

  1. Never store tyres in a humid environment

Summer tyres have a hydrophilic rubber compound which can soak a lot of water. It makes for superior acceleration on the roads and also makes them a nightmare to store. It is because winter in the UK is freezing, snowy, and wet. Summer tyres tend to absorb some of the residual moisture. It is best not to keep them on the floor.

Something no car owner can do without is a proper tyre cover. These are generally made of layers of fabric, sometimes canvas, and are always resistant to moisture. They are ideal for saving your favourite set of Tyres Rotherham, for example.

  1. Inspect tyres before storing

In this instance, inspection means a visual one. Any car owner who has a sharp eye can fix this. All one needs to do is to be aware of certain things like cracks, debris, and sharp stones and chips that insert themselves as the tyres move on the terrain.

Alternatively, a professional tyre check-up can also be performed. In Rotherham, professional auto garages such as ETS Auto Centre offer accurate tyre car maintenance services.

  1. Check the surface you are storing tyres on

Before you start the annual ritual of storing your car’s wheels, whether it is in the summer or winter, check the surface. Make sure it is free of solvents, grease, limestone or anything calcium-related, and oils. These have a severely negative impact on the surface of the tyres and must be kept at arm’s length.

Following this simple tip will ensure that you do not need to spend a fortune on Tyre Repair in Rotherham.

  1. Avoid complete immobility

It is true that summer tyres are not needed in winter. But it is advisable that they are used on, say, your other car. It is not healthy to keep them lying completely idle. They should see some periodic activity. For more details, do consult your trusted car technicians.

  1. Never let the sidewall markings touch the surface

All branded tyre models have sidewall markings which show the precise details of that model. A typical example is a 215/55 R16 marking, which conveys the features like the height, width and the rim diameter. To best store, say, Tyres in Rotherham, these sidewall markings should never touch the surface. It destroys the markings and makes it impossible to decipher the next time you need a tyre change or a wheel balancing done, all of which depend on these details.

Follow these points, and you will have a great set of summer tyres come March. For more extensive service, it is always advisable to approach a professional service garage.

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