Follow These 5 Tips to Keep Your Tyre in Optimum Condition

Modern cars come with cutting-edge technologies and hence provide enhanced driving experience to motorists. However, sans suitable, upgraded tyres in Coventry and professional tyre maintenance, the overall driving experience remains incomplete.

Although tyre life is significantly dependent on the roads it frequents and the weather it is exposed to – some tips can extend its longevity. Experts at Central Point MOT recommend such tips and provide excellent tyre servicing. Apart from this, this garage also specialises in services like wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre mounting, etc.

Check out these crucial tips.

Tip 1: Check in the tread depth

Modern tyres including premium ones like Michelin, Continental, Dunlop tyres come equipped with tread indicators. An optimum tyre tread depth (minimum 1.6 mm according to the UK laws) offers maximum traction and hence ensures enhanced manoeuvring of a vehicle irrespective of road conditions. It also helps maintain tyre pressure for an extended period. You’ll find it difficult to brake effectively if the tyre tread depth is too low.

Tip 2: Take your car for a scheduled spin aka tyre rotation

Tyre rotation is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep tyres at their prime. It ensures even tyre wear and hence helps you get the maximum life out of your tyres in Coventry. Generally, tyres need to be rotated every 5,000-6,000 files. For a more accurate estimate, consult your owner’s manual.

Tip 3: Check wheel alignment and balance

In case you experience an unnatural vibration in your car or a loopy steering wheel, know this – a wheel alignment in Coventry session is on the cards. Misaligned or misbalanced car tyres often result in shortened durability of tyres, excessive pressure on the suspension system, and increased fuel usage. Additionally, proper wheel alignment in Coventry is mandatory to pass the annual compulsory MOT test.

Tip 4: Opt for scheduled tyre valve replacement

Tyre valves, made from rubber, play a vital role in maintaining tyre pressure since it forms an airtight seal with the tyre. Considering that tyre valves are made of rubber, they are naturally subjected to daily wear and often lead to air loss in the tyre in case the vehicle is driven at high speed.

Hence, as per the recommendation of the automobile experts, valve and valve cap replacements are imperative every time individuals opt to buy a new set of Tyres in Coventry.

Tip 5: Look into the tyre pressure

Over-inflation and under-inflation can both hamper the overall performance of a tyre. While under-inflation leads to increased fuel usage and unnecessary strain on the car’s engine, over-inflation can be a potential safety threat, especially in case the tyre is susceptible to heat extremities. The air in such over-inflated tyres may heat up and expand. What follows is a complete blowout!

Following these expert tips will help enhance your overall driving experience. It will also ensure that you enjoy the service of your tyres for a considerably more extended period.

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