Follow These Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Healthy As A Horse

The most common advice that experts will give you is to service your car every 12 months or 20,000 km to keep it healthy. But this advice includes the assumption that you include certain maintenance routines for your vehicle.

Checking your car regularly and ensuring that specific components are working correctly can help you with better:

• Performance.

• Fuel efficiency.

• Resale value.

• Safety.

Maintenance will also help you avoid going for unnecessary replacements of parts, which can be an expensive affair, to say the least.

The following includes some of the checks and maintenance to-dos that you can perform easily at home.

1. Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs need replacement every 45,000 to 50,000 km or so. A faulty spark plug will be indicated by a misfiring engine, dropping fuel economy, and reduced acceleration.

Replacing spark plugs requires some tools, and you can do it easily with them. If you lack such tools, you can head over to car garages like Terry Elsey Tyres, Malton to have it replaced.

2. Change Your Engine Filter

Engine misfiring, unusual noises, low horsepower, and reduced fuel economy can indicate a faulty engine filter. Your car manual can tell you when and how you can replace a filter. You may perform regular checks and clean it every once in a while. Accessing the engine filter will require some tools.

3. Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

The majority of tyres in Malton come with a tread wear indicator. Check the indicator and make sure it is at 1.6 mm. A below-par tread depth will reduce your tyres grip on wet roads. Further, such tread depths will ensure you fail the MOT test!

Rotating your tyres, aligning your wheels, and balancing them can reduce tyre wear considerably. You must replace your tyres if you have low tyre tread depth.

4. Have A Proper Look At Your Brake Pads

Replacing your brake pads will require expert help and professional tools. Hence, taking help of a car garage is a viable option.

What you can do in this case is keep a check of your brake pads. If you frequent urban traffic, then your pads might wear a lot faster than any advice or suggestions. Checking them is considerably easy. Look for worn rubber on the pads or keep an ear out for screeching metallic noises when you brake.

5. Flush Your Radiator

Over time, your radiator can accumulate anomalies that can restrict the cooling system from doing its job. Check your car manual before you flush your radiator. You will also require a manufacturer-recommended coolant for a refill.

6. Check Your Engine Oil

If you are going to own your first vehicle, then you must know how to check your engine oil level. You will require the dipstick for the same to help you gauge permissible as well as refill levels.

Clean the dipstick to remove any dirt. Then, open the oil cap and put the dipstick in. Remove and check the level of oil in the reservoir. If it does not reach the upper mark, then you have to add more oil.

Other than the above, make sure to check the pressure of your car Tyres Malton. Properly inflated tyres will give you more control of your vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.

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