Get Familiar With All-Season Tyres, Highway Tyres And All-Terrain Tyres

Drivers of the old days were not so fortunate to drive their cars on so many types of tyres. They drove their cars on a simple design of tyres but nowadays, drivers may choose a set of tyres according to their driving objective because of the availability of different types of tyres.

Yokohama Banden Utrecht are essential for driving comfort, proper handling and many aspects that are closely related to your driving experience. Therefore, it is better you buy your new tyres after getting familiar with most tyre types.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the three most common types of tyres called all-season, on-road or highway tyres and all-terrain tyres.

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All-season tyres:

Most drivers need to have two sets of tyres if they drive in severe hot or cold conditions. Tyre manufacturers wanted to introduce a type of tyres that may solve this issue of the car drivers. They finally introduced all-season tyres that were able to perform in both moderately hot and cold weather.

Today’s all-season tyres are designed with unique tread material and design to perform on both hot and cold surfaces. You can drive on these tyres on roads that are mildly covered with snow and you can drive on lightly hot surfaces as well.

However, the name of all-season tyres suggests that you can use them year-round but actually, these tyres are expected to run in moderate weather conditions.

Benefits of all-season tyres:

All-season tyres are designed with a thick construction of tread pattern. Therefore, it is natural that they provide a longer lifespan than other seasonal tyres.

If you have two sets of tyres, you have to pay for the maintenance of both sets. Thus, having only one set of tyres is comparatively cheaper for a car driver.

Limitations of all-season tyres:

All-season tyres are not perfect for extreme winter conditions. All-season tyres are appropriate for mild snow, ice or rain. If you drive in a place where heavy snowfalls take place, you have to buy a specialized set of winter tyres.

Similarly, all-season tyres are also not ideal for severe summer conditions. They do not provide optimum flexibility in extremely hot weather just like summer tyres.

Highway tyres:

Highway tyres are installed in cars, trucks and SUVs that are designed for paved roads. These tyres are intended for a smooth drive in on-road conditions and mostly, they come with M + S symbol.

Benefits of highway tyres:

These tyres are designed to run on wet roads effectively. Thus, you can expect improved traction with these tyres. These tyres come with a special tread design that is supposed to wear after a long time. As added benefits, on-road tyres provide better cornering and braking experience along with improved fuel efficiency.

Limitations of highway tyres:

Normally, these tyres are not made for heavy snowfalls. However, they can handle wet roads and mild snow as well. These tyres would show optimum performance if you use them in off-road conditions.

All-terrain tyres:

All-terrain tyres are made to provide a superior level of traction in both on-road and off-road conditions. The tread design in these tyres ensures proper handling on paved roads and at the same time, you can drive on rocky or muddy surfaces with these tyres.

Benefits of all-terrain tyres:

These tyres are designed for smooth roads as well as snowy surfaces. Thus, it is possible to drive the vehicle on these tyres throughout the year. However, experts will still be in favour of summer and winter tyres in hot and cold weather conditions respectively.

These tyres come with improved sidewalls because of the commercial purpose of the vehicle.

Limitations of all-terrain tyres:

All-terrain tyres are noisier on roads because of their tread design. Moreover, these tyres are made with a softer rubber material. Therefore, they have a shorter tread life. All-terrain tyres are made to provide a higher level of traction but you will get decreased fuel efficiency in return as well.

It is easy for you to choose your ideal Autobanden Utrecht after reading this article. Now, you need to look at your objectives before you make a final deal. You can use the internet if you want to make the research process easier.

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