Get Familiar With The New UK Road Laws

There have been lot quite a few changes in the UK road laws, and more are on the way. Right from changes in driving behaviour, to taking care of your vehicle better; many daily practices may need to be changed to comply with the new British laws.

Here is everything you need to know to stay updated with the new UK road laws:

1. Learners Can Take Lessons on the Motorway

To prepare the learners for the high-speed roads, the new law permits them to take driving lessons on the motorway. However, they must be accompanied by a licensed instructor equipped with dual control. A large number of recent accidents were caused by new drivers trying to use sat nav, which forms part of the driving test.

2. Clean Diesel

The new MOT rule concerned a lot of diesel car owners. If your vehicle’s DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is found tampered, modified or removed, then it will fail the MOT test. Any visible smoke from the car will also result in MOT failure. So, ensure you keep the diesel as clean as possible before the MOT test.

3. Hefty Penalties for Driving in the Wrong Lane

We have seen an increase in presence and use of smart motorways that use dynamic traffic management system to reduce congestion in lanes. Smart motorway makes use of electronic signs on the gantry, hard shoulder as the running lane, and a variable speed limit system to manage the flow of traffic. The electronic signs will tell you if the lanes are open or close for use. If you don’t follow the sign instructions, you will face a penalty of £100 along with three points. If you are photographed breaking the rule, a notice of penalty points and a fine will be sent to you through the post.

4. Low Tyre Pressure is an MOT Fail

Keeping tyres inflated at optimal pressure is not only crucial for road safety but is also vital to pass the MOT test. MOT testers are on the lookout of underinflated tyres during the test, and if they tyre pressure below the optimum level, then you fail the MOT.

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5. You Could Fail Your MOT Even for a Broken Car Bulb

Ignoring the simplest of easily avoidable problems in your car can now lead to MOT fail. Car lights, including brake and reverse lights, and abnormal horn can have a significant impact on your MOT test.

Make sure you get following components checked before your MOT test:
Car bulb
Wiper blades
Windscreen Chip
Screenwash Top-up
Engine Oil

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6. Headlight Washers are more Important than You Think

The MOT now requires your headlight washer to function correctly, if it was fitted on your vehicle registered after September 2009.

7. Daytime Running Lights will be Mandatory

Daytime lights make your car more visible. The vehicles registered after March 2018, when they have their first MOT in 2021, must have fully functional daytime running lights.

8. Older Cars Don’t Require an MOT Test Anymore

Any vehicle that is more than 40 years old, and has not been modified, shall be exempted from MOT.

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