Get the best help with Run Flat tyres in case of punctures

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A tyre puncture can trouble you anytime and anywhere. Drivers in such a situation would call their mechanics and then wait for 45 minutes for them to arrive. Now, let’s consider a situation where you are aware of the Bridgestone Tyres repair. But you are not properly equipped and don’t have tools. Worst case scenario would be if you do not have a spare tyre or you do not know how to use the tyre repairing kit.

Remember the time when a puncture used to leave you stranded on the road with no help? That time has gone now as the Run flat tyres will assist you in such situations. They are designed to serve you in times of punctures and blow outs. They are designed in a way that you can rely on them when the tyre loses inflation. Want to know more? Here you go!

The mechanism of Run flats

Run-flat tyres have been in the trend for a long time now. They are a type of self-supporting tyre. These tyres have sidewalls that are stiff and flexible at the same time. This makes the tyre more strong to retain the vehicle weight even after the puncture. They can hold the weight of your car with efficiency during punctures as well.


You can move forward for about 50 to 100 miles with a run-flat tyre. This is because the tyre retains the air pressure and doesn’t let it leave altogether.

As Run flats work on low tyre pressure during punctures, the lack of air pressure puts more strain on the tyre. The steering and the handling will work normally.

You can also get extra space in your trunk as you no longer need a spare tyre or a tool kit.


Run-flat tyres are more expensive to replace. Price may vary by tyre type and purchase location.

Many run-flat tyres cannot be repaired and need to be replaced in pairs.

As you don’t carry a tool kit with a run-flat, you may face trouble sometimes.

Given the wide variety of cars in the market, there are thousands of tyres to choose from. But only a small portion features the traits of run-flat tyres.

The safety benefits

A run-flat tyre can operate after a puncture because of the presence of sealant layers inside the tyres that maintain the air pressure. A nail in the tyre or any sharp object can easily lead to a puncture. But a run-flat will allow you to travel a certain distance so you can get help. These sealant layers are stacked together using strong adhesives.

Imagine, you no longer need to stop in the middle of a journey because of a puncture. A self-supporting tyre will help you in such tough times. Though these tyres cost you more than what standard tyre cost. But it’s worth the cost. The two most famous tyre manufacturer brands that manufacture self-sealing tyres are Continental and Pirelli.


It is important to read the terms and conditions before purchasing or using the self-sealing tyres. The pros and cons of these tyres depend on your usage and requirements. Looking at the puncture issues and safety risks of tyre blow outs, Run flat Tyres Tamworth are a good option. You need to read the customer reviews before purchasing them, and also refer to the manual.

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