Go For Performance, Go For Longevity, Go For Continental Tyres – A Brand with A Tradition

Speaking of tradition, Germany is a country, other than Japan and Italy that has a natural flair for producing cars and its components. Be it an Audi, a Mercedes or a Volkswagen; it almost feels like the Germans were born to manufacture automotive parts of the highest quality possible.

Their innovative zeal made them come up with another piece of technological ingenuity. It is known to the world as Continental. Not only do they produce some of the finest car tyres, but Continental also makes sure you have memorable experience every time you hear the engine roar.

Established in 1871, Continental AG, as it is officially known, started their journey as a producer of not only tyres. They also produce essential parts like the brake system, powertrain, and Chassis. Currently declared as the fourth largest tyre manufacturer globally, they started off as a rubber-producing company. The awards they have won are a testimony to the fact that they are indeed the best at what they do.

One Such Award is The Automotive PACE Awards…

Which they won along with Honda Corporation of America, back in 2016. They won this prestigious award for developing the BLRC System which stands for Bidirectional Long Range Communication.

Meanwhile in France

Continental tyres, being the perfectionist that they are, recently decided to test their tyres in the South of France.

The place, apart from being a hot pick for tourists, is also a perfect testing ground for car tyres. Why else would anyone consider conducting the Monte Carlo Rally here instead of anywhere else, right?

It is amidst this serene backdrop that 12 drivers found themselves testing Continental’s range of Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres. Southern France’s unique terrain proved to be the ideal testing ground. Technicians and experts present at that event closely scrutinised how the new Black Chili Compound and Micro Flexibility Compound improved the tyre’s performance in the toughest of terrains.

In the meantime, they were also busy acquiring manufacturing units in the Czech Republic.

Here is What Went Down in The Republic

VUK was a major tool manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Continental decided to take over its plant and is currently one of the largest tyre manufacturing units, which employs over 4500 people.

The intention behind this deal is that Continental wants to make its presence felt in the Republic. However, the main reason why the deal was made, according to officials, is Continental’s desire to increase its output using the latest tyre assembly machine and technology.

Another example of Continental’s proclivity towards innovation and development, wouldn’t you agree? Moreover, they are not just a group of corporate machines running after ROI but are also concerned about the environment and believe in sustainability.

Continental’s Commitment Towards The Environment

The organisation has set itself a goal for 2020. It plans on reducing the carbon dioxide emission from its factories by at least 20% and is also working on reducing waste generation and water consumption.

Thus, we have in Continental an organisation that is socially aware as well!

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