Going Premium – Here’s Why High-Quality Car Tyres Are a Better Option for Your Vehicle

Choosing new car tyres can be a confusing endeavour. It can be challenging to pick a set of suitable product from so many options available in the market. Hundreds of budget-friendly and premium manufacturers offer all kinds of accessories for your car, and people often make a mistake selecting the one best suited for their daily use.

Many car owners often use cheaper car tyres as a fix to their existing and ageing units. However, premium car tyres in Coventry or anywhere else in the UK can prove to be a better and economical alternative in the long run. High-quality car tyres offer excellent performance, fuel economy, and service life over their cheaper choices. Manufacturers run these products through countless tests to ensure their products meet the standards and keep you safe during your daily commute. Here are five reasons why you should not compromise with quality for price, and go for premium car tyres.

  1. Longer service life – Premium tyres are made from higher quality rubber compounds that resist excessive wearing and provide much longer service life compared to their budget variants. It ultimately results in fewer tyre changes and considerable savings down the line.

  2. More fuel efficient – The unique rubber compound and tread pattern of these high-quality tyres make them significantly more fuel efficient in everyday driving conditions. The lower rolling resistance consumes less energy to move your vehicle, which helps the engine run efficiently and increase your car’s mileage.

  1. Better handling and road grip – The British weather is famous for its erratic conditions. Premium car tyres with their enhanced tread patterns and tread compounds ensure you get a better road grip in every weather condition. This ensures your safety while you are driving.

Such improved road grip also enhances your car’s handling characteristics. Most of the premium tyres implement sidewall reaching grooves to improve cornering ability. These also help eject water from underneath the tyres and lessen the chances of aquaplaning.

  1. Shorter stopping distance – A car’s stopping distance is an essential factor contributing to your safety. High-quality car tyres offer much shorter stopping distance thanks to its safety conscious design.

Stopping distance increases drastically during the winter and monsoon seasons. The overall stopping distance of a vehicle travelling on a paved road at 40 mph is almost 120 feet (36 metres). Over a snow-covered road, where the traction is significantly lower, it can reach dangerous levels. You should always use premium tyres, especially season specific variants like winter tyres in Coventry or other places in the UK to make sure you stay safe even in adverse conditions.

Automobile experts’ advice investing in premium quality tyres to ensure safety, performance and efficiency. You can visit Central Point MOT if you are looking for a retailer that stocks a vast range of high-quality tyres and sell them at an affordable price. Their team of expert technicians who will assist you to select the ideal product and will take care of any repair related needs for your vehicle.

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