Green is the New Black: 4 Simple ways to Curb Vehicular Emission

Notwithstanding how Donald Trump feels about it, global warming is neither a hoax nor something we can turn a blind eye on anymore. Much to their discredit, cars are a major source of air pollution. In fact,vehicle-related emissions are the most prominent polluting agent (26% of all greenhouse emission) beating even traditionally more polluting sectors like industry and energy supplies.

Cars produce various pollutants, the major among which are oxides of Nitrogen (NOx), oxides of Carbon (COx), volatile organic compounds and particulate matters (PM10). All four of these are at the top of the list of major air pollutants in the UK.

The primary culprit behind these emissions is the high fuel consumption of cars. Not only does it pollute the environment, but it is also quite heavy on the pocket.

An average British motorist spends around £2,500 annually on refilling their car’s fuel.

However, it’s not all grim. There has been an average 5% yearly drop in car emissions for the past several years. Compared to 2000, cars in the UK produce 22% less emission per capita.

‘Zero emissions’ is still long way to yonder,and every driver has to play a part in it. Here are a few tips on how to reduce the emission level of your car.

  1. Save fuel

Every motorist can save several gallons of fuel every year if they practice certain things.

  • Buy fuel-efficient Tyres in Alfreton. Every major tyre manufacturer has a range of green tyres which you can buy to reduce the rolling resistance of your car, and save fuel. These tyres a tad bit pricier than standard tyres but prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Always keep your tyres adequately inflated. Under-inflated tyres may amount to up to 20% higher fuel consumption.
  • Keep your car’s windows rolled up. The air resistance because of rolled down windows increases fuel consumption considerably.
  • Consolidate your trips, and avoid taking your car for every small errand.
  1. Avoid idling

When you are waiting at a traffic stop or getting a takeaway from a restaurant, kill the engine. If you idle instead, your car emits harmful gases for no reason.

  1. Keep the exhaust clean

The exhaust is responsible for filtering the massive amount of emission that internal combustion produces. It converts those harmful gases into water vapour and the relatively less harmful carbon dioxide. As such, it is crucial to keep it clean and properly functional. Go for an exhaust service at reliable garages like Colemans Garage every 6 months or whenever you see visible smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Along with checking the emission levels, they also perform related services such as engine diagnostics and oil change.

Not only will that keep the emission in check but also ensure that you don’t fail your MOT Alfreton. The new MOT rules are even stricter about emissions, especially for diesel vehicles.

  1. Switch off the air conditioner a few minutes before you reach your destination

While it may not amount to much in terms of reduced emissions, every bit counts. Also, turning off the AC a few minutes early gives you the time to get acclimatized with the ambient temperature.

The urgent need of the hour is to curb vehicular emissions as much as possible. With the introduction of electric cars, emissions are expected to drop drastically. Till such a time that EVs become main stream, we must all act responsibly and individually curb as much pollution as possible.

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