Guide For Buying Tyres For Your Vehicle

car tyres PeterboroughCar owners can find a wide range of tyre brands and models in the market. Getting the correct tyre for your automobile is vital if you want improved performance, safety and fuel efficiency. Below we break down different tyre types, brands and markings you need to examine before buying new Goodyear Tyres Sutton in Ashfield.

Select which type of tyres to buy

Summer Tyres 

The warm weather during the summer season can impact the tyre’s performance, safety and control. Standard tyres are prone to damage such as uneven and premature wear. Luckily, summer tyres are specially built for car owners looking to get the best drive on-road when the temperatures go above 7 degrees celsius. The special compounds and clever design of these tyres provide a secure drive and prevent the tyres from premature damage. Moreover, these tyres last longer than standard variants and will deliver the best drive throughout the hottest months.

Winter Tyres

The roads during the winter season are unpredictable, and car owners need to be ready to tackle snowy, icy or slushy-covered tracks without any hassle. Standard and stock tyres can decrease the performance of a vehicle and compromise safety while driving. Fortunately, winter tyres are purposely built for driving in weather conditions under 7 degrees celsius because of their special compounds that help them to remain flexible even in sub-zero conditions.

All-season Tyres

Mount all-season tyres on your vehicle today if you want dependable performance throughout the year without the annoyance of switching tyres every other season. All-season tyres are specially made for moderate weather conditions and come with a moderate tread depth to offer excellent rolling resistance and enhanced fuel economy.

Performance Tyres

If you own a sports or luxury car, then fitting performance tyres on the wheels is a must. Why? Because performance tyres are primarily made for offering superior performance, comfort and safety to high-end vehicles. Moreover, installing these tyres on your automobile will deliver track race performance such as reduced braking distance, fast responsiveness and superior handling on city roads.

4×4 tyres

4×4 tyres are specially made for SUV and CUV car owners who need improved performance and safety when driving on flat roads or uneven surfaces. There are three classes of 4×4 tyres available to purchase: all-Terrain (A/T) for highway and off-roading, Mud Terrain (M/T) for off-roading and Highway Terrain (H/T) for highways.

Select one of the Top-Brands 

  • Bridgestone Tyres: Bridgestone gets ranked among the top tyre companies that come with over 90 years of experience. The company has state-of-the-art facilities and always strives to perform continuous research and development to manufacture and distribute new and innovative tyres to all its clients. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of Bridgestone tyres from the market available for different vehicle segments, weather plus road conditions.
  • Continental: With 150 years of experience in tyre manufacturing and production, Continental is ranked among the best and oldest tyre brands. The tyres released by the company regularly scores top marks in various quality plus safety tests. Moreover, these tyres are durable, less like to get damaged early and are well-known for their excellent on-road performance.
  • Pirelli: Pirelli is popular for its extensive line of high-quality tyres available for all types of cars and make. The company delivers premium-quality tyres in over 160 countries and is ranked among the top 5 tyre brands in the world. All the tyres offered by Pirelli are thoroughly examined and tested to ensure their roadworthiness before leaving the manufacturing facility.
  • Michelin: Nowadays, Michelin has become synonymous with tyres, and the durable build plus the high-quality design makes them the perfect tyres to get excellent traction and on-road safety. These tyres last long, do not get damaged easily and reduce the risk of early damage such as premature wear or tear.

Other Tyre Companies 

  • Goodyear
  • Hankook
  • Yokohama

Examine the Markings and Labelling


These markings are a set of alphanumeric codes on the sidewall of a tyre. These are important to check if you want the tyres to match perfectly with the wheels. Markings contain other details such as width, diameter, load index, aspect ratio, speed index and much more.


A tyre has three labels known as the wet grip, noise and rolling resistance. The rolling resistance determines the ability to drive on the surface, the wet grip reveals how good the tyre is at wet surfaces, and noise is the level of sound generated by a tyre when driving.

Contact a tyre provider today if you still have doubts about the Tyres Sutton in Ashfield or want some additional information.

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