Guidelines to a successful MOT test

Cars that have surpassed three years are required to get an MOT test done every year to ensure their roadworthiness. It is important to read and know what is to be done before, during and after an MOT test to be on point.

MOT Whitchurch needs to be conducted post three years from the date of the car’s registration. Post the first test, a retest would be carried out each year to get a certificate of assurance from the Ministry of Transport. The certificate has a date on it and also mentions the date of expiry for you to remember. The next test should be done before the expiry date ends. In case your car fails the test, then you can take your car away if the current certificate reads that there are no problems and it is valid. If you choose another garage for the test post being declared failed, your car still needs to pass the minimum levels of roadworthiness.

If your certificate is missing or you have lost it, you may log onto the government site and get a copy of your certificate. You would just be required to type the registration number of your car along with its make. This would provide you with information about the tax and MOT status, all in a matter of a click and seconds. You could avail a new certificate and get a replacement for the lost one. It is also important to know that there is no grace period given to get a MOT test done. If the certificate has expired, it would be considered illegal to drive your car on the road. Driving without a valid certificate would be risky and punishable by law. The only exception is that you can take your vehicle to get an MOT test done, showing proof that your test slot has been booked in advance.

To prepare for an MOT test, you must prepare a checklist, a few weeks before the inspection date to ensure your vehicle is in a good condition. This would help you in fixing the issue beforehand and avoid any inconvenience to be caused to you and people around. The checklist should ideally include the following:

  • Cleanliness of the car inside out.
  • Windscreen wipers should be checked.
  • The number plates should be clean and readable.
  • The tyre pressure and depth of the tread must be checked.
  • The horn must be checked.
  • The lights on the dashboard must be monitored and checked thoroughly.
  • The oil and fluid levels (brake fluid and screen wash) must be checked as well.
  • All the mirrors and windows– front as well as rear ones must be checked for any cracks or breakage.
  • The brakes of the car should be inspected.
  • The doors and all the openings must be checked.
  • The bodywork should be checked for any sharp edges.
  • The exhaust system and the gas emissions must be checked to avoid any kind of smoke.
  • Seatbelts and seats must also be screened.
  • The steering wheel should be ridden and checked.
  • The car tyres and wheels require a thorough look from all angles.
  • The tow bar should be seen for any damage or corrosion.
  • The vehicle’s logbook must have the correct VIN number, i.e. Vehicle Identification Number.

In the end, ensure that you get your test done from a trusted and reliable repair facility with the required certifications from the government. In case you pass completely, you are safe but in case of detection of minor faults, you must get them repaired, without having to ignore them. This otherwise might lead to you fail the next round of MOT test. You can contact for more information Tyres Whitchurch.

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