Habits that Might be Killing Your Tyres without Your Knowledge

The service life of an average car tyre is anywhere between 3 to 5 years. With the right driving practices, one can extend the life of their tyres by a few years. On the other hand, you might be unknowingly harming your tyres with a few other practices detrimental to its condition.

So what, you ask?

For starters, replacing a set of tyres in Spalding may take over £500 out of your pockets. Maybe more!

Even more importantly, the performance of your car, its ride quality and fuel economy will all take a beating if your tyres are not up to the mark.

If you are serious about the operational cost and condition of your car, do read on. You might be doing these mistakes yourself, incurring extra cost not only on tyre replacement but also the running cost of your vehicle.

  • Incorrect Rotation policy

Most car makers recommend rotating tyres biannually or every 6 months. Not only do most motorists forget all about it, the ones that don’t often rotate them incorrectly. Many believe that tyre rotation refers to swapping the front tyres with the rear ones and vice versa. That’s almost always not the case. The exact rotation procedure is provided in the car’s owner manual. Do refer to it before going for tyre rotation.

The more prudent option, of course, is to take your car to Matmore Motors. They have the requisite expertise to perform tyre rotation according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. They can also help you with other related services like wheel alignment and balancing.

  • Mixing and matching

Let’s stick to mixing and matching our fashion accessories, and leave tyres be. How does that sound for a mid-year resolution?

Automobile experts always advise on using the same variant of tyres on all four wheels, if not the same model. It maintains the uniformity of performance. Different types of tyres on the same car make them wear out unevenly and also put a lot of stress on the engine and suspension.

  • Not maintaining proper inflation

Repeat after us- Improper inflation level is cancer for tyres! Reduced fuel economy, increased tread wear, and increased risk of punctures are some of its symptoms.

Tyres in Spalding lose 3-4 PSI of air pressure naturally every month. You should check the inflation level every two weeks or thereabouts. You can easily do it at home with an off-the-shelf pressure gauge.

  • Faulty storage practices

Say, you just swapped your winter tyres with their summer counterparts. Well done!

Now what? Where do you store your winter tyres? If the answer is that you’ll stack on the garage floor, you can say goodbye to your hopes of using them again next year.

Tyres should be stored at a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. They should be stored vertically, and away from any liquid (water, engine oil et al.). They should also be inflated to their maximum limit and covered with a sheet.

You won’t serve a prison sentence, but these are all heinous crimes as far as your tyres are concerned. Don’t be that guy!

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