Here’s What Falken has Launched at the Tire Cologne

This year’s The Tire Cologne saw some of the most renowned tyre manufacturers presenting their excellence.

Falken Tyre was one of the exhibitors here who presented themselves as not only a global tyre manufacturer but also a leading supplier. The primary aim of the company was to highlight the fact that they were more than just a producer of ultra-high performance (UHP) tyres.

So, the company launched 3 new tyres each targeting one vehicle segment. These tyres will be available from all Falken dealers coming this July.

Falken is now offering tyres for SUV, light commercial vehicles, PCR, OTR, trucks, vans, and all other types of vehicles. If you are looking for the same, check out the latest collection of Jackson MOT Centre Northampton tyres Northampton. It’s always safe to purchase such products only from reputed and reliable garages.

However, before you head over to buy these new tyres, let’s take a brief look at what type of different products they have to offer:

  1. Euro all Season Van11

The Euro all Season Van11 is an all-season tyre catering to vans and light commercial vehicles. The primary feature of this tyre is Falken’s Adaptive Constant Pressure (APC) technology.

Using advanced simulation technology, they have designed a tread pattern that makes sure that the pressure created by the road is evenly distributed throughout the tyre’s contact patch.

Developed using Falken’s advanced 4D-Nano Design technology, these tyres provide exceptional grip on wet roads; they also offer best-in-class fuel efficiency to deliver more mileage.

With wide grooves and ample grip edges, it reduces aquaplaning. It also improves road contact and produces high traction in mud and snow respectively making it the ideal choice for your next set of car Tyres Northampton.

The 65 and 75 series of Euro all Season Van11 will result in 8 different sizes on a 16-inch rim with speed ratings of H, R, S, and T.

  1. Euro all Season AS210

The Euro all Season AS210 is also an all-season tyre that caters to cars and SUVs. This tyre has 8% improved aquaplaning capabilities and 6% more wet braking compared to its predecessor, the Euro all Season AS200.

If you are buying them as your car’s new tyres in Northampton, you should know why they are a market favorite. They come with deeper grooves; and thanks to its V-shaped pattern, it performs superbly in dry and wet conditions. The sipes adapt themselves to the directions, thereby, delivering superior control, no matter what the road condition is.

These specially designed sipes also reduce the braking distance considerably.

Falken’s advanced 4D-Nano Design technology further reduces fuel consumption and increases your car mileage.

  1. Wildpeak M/T

The Wildpeak M/T is ideal for all off-road conditions and uneven terrains. Its rigid and rugged tread blocks ensure more contact with the road to deliver superb handling and stability.

Falken’s DURASPEC™ Sidewall Technology coming with these tyres make them an ideal choice for your car tyres in Northampton. The reinforced sidewall makes sure that you remain in control of your vehicle even in the most treacherous conditions.

Its Heat Diffuser technology eliminates heat from the lower sidewall, thereby, restricting temperature abnormally. Thus, the tyre remains cool and continues to perform throughout the ride.

These 3 are the brand new tyres launched by Falken at The Tire Cologne. If you are looking to buy tyres in Northampton, you can surely check out the brand’s latest products at reputed garages in this UK.

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