Here’s Why Investing In The Right Set Of Tyres Is More Crucial Than You Think

Tyres are one of the most overlooked parts of your car. They are the most critical parts of your vehicle because they ensure the proper functionality of your car.

Tyres are like your shoes; you can’t move around wearing the wrong size. Similarly, an incorrect set of tyres can cause severe damage to your automobile.

Let’s discuss how different components of a tyre serve diverse purposes for your car.

Tyre Size

It’s crucial for all the tyres of your car to have the same tyre width, rim diameter and sidewall aspect ratio as specified by the manufacturer. Fitting inappropriate tyres to your vehicle can be disadvantageous and in fact, dangerous, not only for you but also for your fellow passengers.

Reasons to maintain proper tyre size:

  • The speedometer runs according to the number of rotations that tyre makes. For instance, if you fit your car with a tyre of large diameter, your vehicle will run faster than the speedometer reading.
  • Wrong tyre size can affect the steering and braking distance.
  • Also, a tyre with a diameter more significant than the standard one will have increased rolling resistance and that consequently, will increase the fuel consumption.

Tread Pattern

It is necessary to choose the tread pattern for your Tyres Loborough that matches your requirements. This is because different tread patterns are designed to serve different purposes:

  • Most commonly used, symmetrical patterns are quite versatile, long-lasting and provide excellent handling on roads. But, if you often face wet weather conditions in your area, then these tyres are not made for you. Also, such tread patterns are not suitable for high-performance tyres.
  • Directional tyres prove to be excellent performers when it comes to wet and snowy conditions. But, if you don’t get to drive in such situations frequently, then it is advised to avoid buying tyres with unidirectional tread pattern because of their high cost and short tread life.
  • Asymmetrical tread patterns offer excellent handling on the road, especially around corners. But, just like directional tyres, asymmetrical tyres are quite expensive and not meant for daily usage but sporty and aggressive driving.

Rubber Compound

Generally, tyres in the market have three types of rubber compound – soft, medium and hard compound.

  • A tyre made up of soft rubber compound is designed to attain efficiency quickly and hence, can provide a better grip than its competitors. However, tyres with this compound are not recommended for use on dry roads as they accumulate a lot of heat.
  • Hard compound tyres are the one that is preferred on passenger cars because they are driven around the city at lower speeds.

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