Here’s Why Proper Air Pressure Is Crucial In A Vehicle

Proper air pressure in a vehicle is the ultimate parameter of comfort and safety. After all, the rubber of your tyres is the only direct point of contact with the ground. It’s crucial for your car tyres to be inflated to the designated pressure at all times. This helps to make your tyres last longer and your car to run smoothly.

Problems related to improper inflation

Inflating the tyres of your car is not all. There are other significant factors to look after, as well. You have to be extremely careful with the air pressure, otherwise, the following troubles might follow:

  • Under-inflation

Did you know that under-inflation can reduce the life of your tyres by 25 per cent? Well, this happens because under-inflated tyres lose their form and the rubber on the tyres rubs against the ground too hard. If your tyre is not inflated well, you will experience a lack of control on your vehicle, which is not safe at all.

Under-inflation also causes a 5 per cent reduction in the fuel economy because, in order to turn the soft rubber, extra engine power is required.

  • Over-inflation

Inflating your tyre over the recommended pressure is the same as sending a hand-written invitation to road accidents. Over-inflation is a problem because it makes your tyres too rigid to stay in steady contact with the ground. This again will rob you of your control over your vehicle.

Over-inflation is deadlier when there are too many potholes on the road. In fact, it can even lead to bursting of your tyres as they fail to hold the extra pressure of air. Most vehicle-related mishaps take place because of overly inflated Tyres Bilston.

Why is proper air pressure critical?

To begin with, properly inflated tyres are more comfortable to handle as they don’t let your ride go bumpy. Higher fuel efficiency is another benefit you get when you’re maintaining proper air pressure in your tyres.

Tips for looking after the tyre inflation

  • Make sure to check your tyre pressure once every week. Don’t forget to do it before setting out on a road trip.
  • A quality pressure gauge is your tyre’s best friend.
  • Don’t check for pressure on hot tyres. Do it after the tyres have been at rest because the reading can be up to six PSI higher in hot tyres.
  • Always go for the recommended air pressure given by the manufacturer of your vehicle. The air pressure suggested on your tyre’s sidewall may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Your tyres seek their very well deserved regular care. They run miles for you, after all. Bridgestone Tyres Bilston is the way to go when you are fancying optimum support from your tyres.

However, if you crave more services for your tyres, First Point Automotive awaits you with all sorts of products and services you could need. From looking after your tyre’s air pressure to suggesting the best tread patterns, we have got everything to offer. Visit us to get the best care of your vehicle.

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