High-Performance Tyres vs Regular Tyres: Are HP Wheels Worth the Price?

For many years now, companies like Michelin, Continental and Dunlop have been coming out with their separate range of tyres for higher performance. That is a marked departure from the standard car tyres these corporations are justly famous for. But are high-performance wheels worth the higher price tags they sport? Do they perform better than standard passenger wheels? Where does the truth lie?

This post will guide you through the perilous and, at times, controversial path of a tyre shootout. Based on specific criteria, these types of tyres have been tested.

HP vs Regular Tyres

Braking performance: High-performance wheels promise better braking performance when compared to regular models. Advanced HP tyres promise 20% shorter braking distances than their ordinary counterparts. When you buy HP or UHP and similar performance Tyres Peterhead, for example, they will stop sooner upon hard braking. Regular wheels, regardless of their summer, winter or all-season nature, will lag by a margin.

Result: HP tyres 1- Standard tyres 0.

Aquaplaning: Aquaplaning is a factor which is critical for tyre safety and wet grip. Better wheels have significantly enhanced aquaplaning capabilities. Continental’s ContiCrossClimate range is an excellent representative of UHP and HP wheels, and they score 79 out of 100 in nearly every expert testing of aquaplaning.

On the other hand, Continental’s regular models, and all similar wheels manufactured by competitors score an average of 60 to 65 out of 100 when aquaplaning is a criterion. UHP models are a clear winner.

Result: HP tyres 2- Standard tyres 0.

Road grip: UHP wheels undoubtedly provide better traction and road grip than ordinary wheels. Standard Cheap Tyres in Peterhead cannot match up to HP models on this count either. However, specific models which are not UHP ones can match in road grip, especially when they are new. Nokian’s models, for examples, are excellent examples of quality engineering offered at attractive prices.

Result: Tie.

Longevity: Unlike regular models, UHP wheels have slightly, but not significantly, reduced service lives. That is primarily due to their rubber composition; these tyres wear faster. Regular models have longer service lives and can provide quality service for more years than a comparable HP model.

Result: HP Tyres: 2 Standard tyres- 1

Prices: UHP wheels always cost more than their regular counterparts. It is a given, and almost all manufacturers charge more for their performance models than their regular wheels. Given that such HP wheels are ideal for bigger vehicles, it is assumed that people will gravitate toward them regardless of their high prices because they know that for maximum performance, they must own UHP wheels.

Since pricing is subjective, there cannot be a clear judgement in this section.

Result: HP Tyres: 2 Standard tyres- 1


In the UK, most garages retail both types of wheels around the year. You can purchase them at West Road Customs in Peterhead. The facility also has a wide range of tyre and alloy wheel models.

The shoot-out shows how UHP tyres beat regular models by a margin, albeit a small one. If you have a sedan, both types will do. An SUV, however, will demand 4×4 tyres which are a whole different category. So, yes, UHP wheels are worth their high prices.

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